Wages range from $7.25/hour to $12.00/hour. There is an UP to $2.00 per hour bonus for staying through the entire season and based on job performance.

Supervisor: Responsible for training front and back of the house, scheduling, daily running of operations. Salary and Housing available. Position open May 25th-September 30th. FILLED for 2016

Dishwasher/Busser: Responsible for watching dishes, pots and pans, bussing and wiping down tables. General cleaning and upkeep of Chuckwagon area
$7.25/hr +tips plus bonus

Breakfast Grill Cook/Lunch Broiler Cook: Prepare all breakfast items to order. Total line set-up and production. Prepare a variety of sandwiches to order. High volume, emphasis on quality consistent products and presentation, Need to be able to perform in a fast paced environment. Cleanliness, organization and Experience required. $9/hr +tips plus bonus

Flat Top Cook: Prepare pancakes and other breakfast items and grill sandwiches to order in high volume operation for lunch. Assist in preparation and set-up. Must be able to perform in fast paced environment. Experience helpful. $8.50/hr plus tips+ bonus

Baker: Responsible for baking breads, buns and cookies used in various departments. High Volume, emphasis on quality, consisitent products and presentation. Experience required. Filled for 2016

Server/Backline: Deliver meals to guests. Assist in bussing and wiping of tables. Responsible for set-up of drink/condiment stations and general cleanliness of eating/chuckwagon areas.$7.25/hr +tips plus bonus

Casier/Bartender: Assist with set-up of Chuckwagon. Take orders and operated cash register. Serve any alcoholic drinks. This is an extremely high profile, high volume position. Patience and people skill are mandatory!! Must be 21 yrs or older.

Food Preparation: Prep food items for use at Chuckwagon. Maintain clean Kitchen. $8.35/hr +tips+ bonus

Janitor: Responsible for general cleaning and maintenance of complex. Duties include: vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, emptying trash and recycling. general maintenance of grounds. $8.75/hr plus bonus

SPUR RANCH CABINS- open year round

Housekeeping: Make beds, change linens, clean cabins, operate washers and dryers, stock and sort linens, converse with the guests.

Front Desk: Responsible for taking reservations, computer inputting and reporting, checking in guests, checking out guests, general guest relations, handling money. Requires some housekeeping assistance. Experience required. Must be able to start April 25th and stay until October 31st - possibly available year round.The cabins position does not offer housing.


Retail: Responsible for gift sales, stocking and cleaning of shop and operating cash register, some heavy lifting and ladder useage involved in this job.
A knowledge of the area is convenient, as many questions are asked of the sales staff.
You may be required to work in other retail departments as well. $8.75/hr plus bonus

SPUR BAR AND WINE SHOPPE - open year around

Bartenders: Serve alcoholic beverages and food in our bar. Previous experience is necessary. Must be at least 21 years of age. Involves heavy lifting and stairs. Housing not available

Wine Shop Retail: Learn about wines from knowledgeable. Meet and learn from different wine representatives. The shop has over 1500 different wines. Responsible for wine and beer sales, stocking and cleaning of shop and operating cash register. Knowledge in wines would be ideal. Must be at least 21 years of age. There is heavy lifting and stairs involved in this job. Wage is $8.75/hr plus bonus


Retail: Assist customers with mountain bike, canoe & kayak rentals and sales. General knowledge in theses areas preferred. Lifting of heavy objects is a necessary function of this position. Knowledge of area and trails beneficial. $8.75/hr plus bonus

TRADING POST AND DELI - open year around

Retail: Operate cash register, receive and price goods, stock shelves, assist in deli with slicing meats, cheeses and assembling sandwiches in a fast-paced environment. Lifting of heavy objects is involved in this position. Friendly, helpful attitude required. Experience helpful.. $8.75/hr plus bonus

Trading Post Summer Supervisor Position: FILLED for 2016
Learn many facets of business, able to use computer ordering systems.
Call for information.

PIZZA & PASTA CO. - open year around

Wages range from $7.25/hr to $13.00/hr plus tips plus bonus

Saute Cook: Prepare pastas, fresh vegetables and sauces, soups and daily specials. Prep & line production to order. Fast Pace, high volume, emphasis on quality, consistent products and presentation. Important lead position in kitchen. Experience Required. $13.00/hr plus tips plus bonus D.O.E.

Pizza Cook: Prepare all food items for pizza station. Prep all vegetables and other pizza toppings, press pizza dough. Produce pizza to order. Fast pace, high volume operation. Maintain a clean and organized work environment. Experience helpful. $9.65/hr plus tips plus bonus

Salad Cook: Prepare and make salads to order. Fast paced, high - volume operation. Help out with other positions when needed and maintain a clean and organized work environment. $8.65/hr plus tips, plus bonus

Prep Cook: Assist in preparing all food items for restaurant Maintain a clean and organized work environment. Experience helpful. $10.15/hr plus tips plus bonus

Dishwasher: Responsible for washing dishes, pots and pans, bussing and wiping down tables. Maintain a clean and organized work environment. Assist with set-up and break down of kitchen$9.15/hr plus tips plus bonus

Cashier/Server: Take orders and operate cash register. Deliver meals to tables, bussing and wiping tables. Set up and break down of restaurant and side work. High-volume, fast-paced environment. PEOPLE SKILLS REQUIRED. $7.25/hr plus tips plus bonus<br.
Busser/Barback: Clear and wipe tables, help serve food $8.75/hr plus tips plus bonus