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The Dornans Employees List
The Dornans Employees List

WINE DINNER: Saturday, October 18th
WINE DINNER:  Saturday, October 18th

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Spur Ranch House
Spur Ranch House

Richard & Tricia

Richard & Tricia
Who are the Dornans?
The Dornans homesteaded Jackson Hole in the early 20th century, and as traffic picked up to the Tetons and Yellowstone, John P. Dornan started a roadside business to serve visitors with gas, beer, and food. JP had married a 'local gal' named Ellen Jones, whose family homesteaded in the 1910s near the town of Jackson, and together they created our heritage. Over nearly six decades, JP & Ellen -- and their children--and their grandchildren--and their great-grandchildren continue to grow the business to include vacation cabins, adventure sports equipment rentals, retail stores, two restaurants, and a world-class wine store. Huntley re-joins us this year, after life in the 'real world' as our CEO. Richard has been President for the last 40 years or so, and keeps us all in line and moving forward!

We homesteaded in 1916
We started with dude cabins in 1922
Then we started the current Trading Post building in 1941 and finished in 1947
We added a bar in 1955 where the current deli is located
We added a new bar/wineshop/restaurant in 1978.
We added Adventure Sports in 1982.
We added a gift shop in 1987.
We have rented space to Barker-Ewing Scenic Trips since 1989.
We have rented space to Moosley Mountaineering since 1990.
We replaced our cabins in 1992.
We added a web site in 1996.
We added a fishing shop in 1996.
We started the Pizza Pasta Company in 1997.
We added the PPC side deck in 1999.
We have rented space to Snake River Angler since 2000.
We added a coffee cart in 2002.
We added an ice cream cart in 2006.
We re-furbished our cabins in 2010.
We re-furbished the family house for rental use in 2011.
We re-furbished the family guest house for rental use in 2012.
We installed a new Boardwalk and privacy fence in 2013.
We hosted a web cam in 2014.

Today, our family members still get up early, and stay late; to serve your needs, whether you're traveling through or coming to stay with us. Come say hi!

Folks have asked who is who in the family. So, I'll try to give some information.

Evelyn Dornan homesteaded the property in 1916.
Her son Jack came in 1920 and stayed.
'Jack' Dornan married a local girl in 1927-- Ellen Jones, whose father homesteaded in 1906-- and they had seven children.
ROBERT married Patricia and had two sons. R. Grant & Earle.
R. Grant married Carolyn Drumm and had two children: Zachary & Chelsea
Zach is working in Moose, WY
Chelsea is in school in Kentucky
Patricia has passed away.
Earle married Jacque Johnson, but has since gotten divorced, and has not had children. Jean Macheledt is his partner.
JOHN married Nancy and did not have children.
VIRGINIA married 'Bud' Gurney, and had four children.
Jonathan married Linda, and have not had children.
Steven was married but has gotten divorced; his children are Amber and Kellen; Steven and Amber have passed away.
Bruce was married but has since gotten divorced, has two daughters Lauren & Morgan. Lauren has married Michael. Morgan is working here.
Sarah has a lovely son Cole.
Virginia has passed away.
DAVID married Reade and had two children: Wythe and Ellen K.
Wythe married Brian, and they have both passed away.
Ellen K. lives in New Mexico with her family, Craig, Rapture Boogie, and Solis Lumen.
RICHARD married Ellen Wilson and adopted her two children. Will & Mary Jo.
Will was married to Erica and had a daughter Danielle, he has since gotten a divorce and married Mandy and they have Sam, Margaret, Ruth, and Cecil, and are living in Kelly.
Mary Jo married Michael and had Mariah, Ben and Michael, she has got a divorce and married Paul Pollard, and a new baby; and spends time between St. Louis, and Kelly.
Richard and Ellen have since divorced and he is married to Tricia.
RODNEY married Martha, and got divorced.
Then married Joanne and had two children D. Huntley & Conrad.
Rodney and Joanne have since divorced and he married Carol.
Rodney has passed away.
Huntley married Courtney, and got divorced, he is our CEO.
Conrad is living in New York and designing hair.
HARRY passed away while still young.

Stop by or give a call to say Hi!!

This fall you will see Huntley, Dick, Tricia, Bob, Earle, and Zachary working at Dornans. Also, Carol lives on the property, and David & Reade have a home in Jackson on property Uncle Harry homesteaded. During the year other family members visit.
So as you can tell - the Dornan family keeps involved in the business.

Some Dornans, May 2010: Kneeling (l to r)  Zack, Tricia, Grant. Standing (l to r) John, Carol, Richard, Jonathan, Linda, Bob, Courtney, David, Reade, Conrad, Ellen K.
Some Dornans, May 2010: Kneeling (l to r) Zack, Tricia, Grant. Standing (l to r) John, Carol, Richard, Jonathan, Linda, Bob, Courtney, David, Reade, Conrad, Ellen K.

View from Chuckwagon.  (c) 2012 jean.macheledt

View from Chuckwagon. (c) 2012 jean.macheledt
Welcome to Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole, Wyoming!
Dornans is a third, fourth, and fifth generation, family-owned and operated resort located in the heart of the Jackson Hole valley, on the Snake River inside the boundaries of Grand Teton National Park, and just 40 miles south of Yellowstone National Park.

The western ambiance is an essential part of Dornans, we have a host of services ranging from two restaurants, an outstanding wine selection, alcohol and beer options, grocery and deli, gasoline, ATM, coffee stand, ice cream cart, gifts and dining to guest lodging, and adventure sports equipment rental and sales during the summer.  Also, on site is Moosley Mountaineering: climbing gear and soft goods; as well as Snake River Angler Fly Shop; and Barker-Ewing scenic float trip booking desk. The winter months see the addition of the rental of cross-country skis as well as snowshoes. The Chuckwagon, Adventure Sports, Coffee/Ice Cream Cart, Snake River Angler, and Moosley Mountaineering close during the winter months. The Dornan family has been serving folks in northwestern Wyoming for over sixty years.

Driving through the Grand Teton National Park or Jackson Hole and need gas? Food? Ice? Liquids? A snack? A meal? An ATM? Lodging? Groceries? Espresso? Ice cream cone? Internet access? Take a relaxing break and stop in at Dornans and browse, grab a bite, and stretch your legs. Snake River Angler fly-fishing shop and raft trips, Moosley Mountaineering shop, and Barker-Ewing Scenic float trips add to your enjoyment.

Let the Dornans crew offer you the chance to experience this beautiful country first hand, and indulge you with true western hospitality.

Contact Us: 307-733-2415, ext. 300 Main Office
Fax Us: 307-733-3544
email us:

Huntley Dornan, CEO

Approaching Dornans from the bike path.  (c) 2012 jean.macheledt
Approaching Dornans from the bike path. (c) 2012 jean.macheledt
The approach to Dornans from the road.
The approach to Dornans from the road.

Time Lapse Movie of the Tetons from the Dornan's Deck
Check out this time lapse movie of the Tetons. This two-hour time lapse was shot in May, 2003 from the deck of Dornan's Spur Bar. You will need the Quicktime player to watch this short video. Just click the thumbnail to check it out.

Click thumbnail view time lapse movie of the Tetons
Click thumbnail view time lapse movie of the Tetons


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