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October 5, 2016
The Dornans Employees List
Folks keep telling me they used to work at Dornans, so in an effort to get this organized, I am asking anyone who worked here to email me: with your name when you worked here, the years you worked, and what part of Dornans you worked. Thanks

If you know how to contact other employees, please do so! Our records go back only so far, so if you worked here and your name is not on the list, please email me your name and where you worked so I can put you on the list!!

If you want your email posted on this web site, so you can be contacted; please email and we CAN make that happen.

Abbott, Andrew; 1997 CHUCKWAGON
Abdullayev, Javid; 2007 CHUCKWAGON
Acee, Marion; 2012 Wineshop
Ackert, Denise; 1991 Spur Bar
Adair, Molly; 2009, 2010 trading post, pizza pasta company
Adams, Clint; 1969 Trading post
Adams, Linsay; 2002 pizza pasta company
Adriene, LaFave; 2005 Spur Bar
Agnew, Joe; 2012 pizza pasta company
Ahlers, Hilka; 1993,94 trading post
Alder, Mark; 1997 CHUCKWAGON
Aldrich, Susan; 1998 giftshop, cabins,
living in New Hampshire:
Alexander, Amanda; 1993,94 trading post
Alexander, Tanya; 1998,99 Spur Bar
Alford, Charles; 2008 Chuckwagon
Amar, Jonathan; 2000 CHUCKWAGON
Aman, Doug; 2010 Pizza Pasta Company
Ametov, Eldor; 2015 CHUCKWAGON
Arrambide, Annjelika; 2015 Spur Bar/Pizza Pasta
Amyx, Megan Green; 1995 wine shop
living in Atlanta, Georgia
Anderson, David; 2004 pizza pasta company
Anderson, Dirk; 1990,93,94,95 CHUCKWAGON
Anderson, Emily; 1997,98,99,2000 wine shop
Anderson, Janet; 2005,06,07 GIFTSHOP
living between LaJolla & Jackson
Anderson, Kristen; 2002 pizza pasta company
Anderson, Martin; 2006 CHUCKWAGON
Anderson, Quentin; 2005 adventure sports
Andrade, Wes; 2002 pizza pasta company
Angel, Miguel; 2008 pizza pasta company
Angjeleski, Branko; 2013 Trading Post
Ankney, Sally 1991,92 giftshop
Antonelli, Joseph; 1999,2000 pizza pasta company
Antonio Hernandez, Jose; 2006 pizza pasta company
Apperson, Arron; 1993,94 CHUCKWAGON
Apperson, Autumn; 1998,99 wine shop
Arians, Darla TIERNAN; 1996 giftshop:
Armentrout, Christopher; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Armstrong, Megan; 2013 CHUCKWAGON
Arnold, Jason; 1997 CHUCKWAGON
Arnold, John; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Arnold, S. Cole; 2013 Pizza Pasta Company
Arndt, Melissa; 2005 trading post
Arrambide, Annjelika; 2015 Spur Bar
Ashe, Thomas; 1999 trading post
Ashinhurst, Holly; 1992,93,94 CHUCKWAGON/trading post
Avent, Kirkham; 2011 CHUCKWAGON
Baccum, Melissa; 1996 wine shop
Bachev, Kostadin; 2016 Spur Bar, Pizza Pasta Company
Baer, Mark; 2001 CHUCKWAGON
Bailey-Nash, Erika; 1995,96,97,98,99,2000,01,02,03 Spur Bar
living in Jackson, Wyoming
Bailey, Jennifer; 1997 wine shop
Baillie, Jon; 2002 CHUCKWAGON
Baker, Stephanie; 2007 pizza pasta company
Balaj, Jakub, 2016 pizza pasta company
Balderas, Maribel; 1999 cabins
Balderston, Sarah; 2008 coffee/ice cream cart
Baldwin,Jered; 2010 Trading Post
Ballard, Scott; 2008 maintenance, pizza pasta company
Balliot, Christopher; 1994
Balzhinimaeva, Alima; 2008 CHUCKWAGON
Baragar, Brett; 2006 CHUCKWAGON
Barata, Raymond; 1998
Barber, Randy; 2006 pizza pasta company
Bardon, Andrew; 2006, 07 Spur Bar
Baribeau, Rachel; 1999 giftshop;
living in Columbus, Georgia
Sports Editor
Barker, Eric; after High School!!; CHUCKWAGON
Barker, Margaret; 1986,87,88 GIFTSHOP; passed away
Barker, Michael; 2001,02 adventure sports
Barker, Robert; 2008 adventure sports
Barnard, Jenny; 1992 giftshop
Barnes, Tom; 2011 PIZZA, PASTA COMPANY
Barreto, Andoni; 2016 trading post
Barron, Josh; 2013, 2014, 15,16 Pizza, Pasta Company, CHUCKWAGON
Bartkiewicz, Agnieszka; 2007 PIZZA, PASTA COMPANY
Barton, John; 2001
Bates, Jared; 2016 CHUCKWAGON, pizza pasta company
Bathrick, Jason; 2009 CHUCKWAGON
Batson, Joyce; 1996,97,99 pizza pasta compay >
living in Jackson, Wyoming
MadHatter Company
Baucum, Melissa; 2000,01 wine shop
Bautista, Roberto; 2009 Cabins
Bautista, Shilo; 2012 Gift Shop, Coffee/Cream Cart
Baxter, Adam; 2002,03,04 adventure sports
Beall, Jeffrey; 2004 Spur Bar
Beaman, Alan; 1993 CHUCKWAGON
Becerra, Anthony; 2002 pizza pasta company
Becker, John; 19??
Bedard-Lerch TEPE, Nicole; 1986,87,88,89,90,91 bar >
living in Jackson, Wyoming
Bedford, Erik; 1997 fishing shop
Behrens, Ingrid; 1996 wine shop
Behrent, Austin; 2016 CHUCKWAGON
Belding, Justin; 2012 trading Post
Belding, Shannon; 2004 Spur Bar
Bell, Carrie; 2010 Pizza Pasta Company
Bell, Tara; 1998 cabins
Benavides, Cinthya; 2014, 15 Cabins, Trading Post
Bennett, Joseph; 1995,2004 adventure sports/cabins
Bentley, Walter; 2011 Adventure Sports
Bernhard, Jeff: 2010,11,12, Chuckwagon, Trading Post, Wine Shop
Berets, Jessica; 1996
Berger, Robert; 1994,95,96 CHUCKWAGON >
Berling, Nick; 2001 maintenance
Berry, Jessica; 2004 CHUCKWAGON
Best, Francesca; 2015 Wine Shop
Bevington, Todd; 1998,99, 2000 trading post
living in Denver, Colorado;
Bezruk, Sergii; 2007, 2008 pizza pasta company
Biber, Jason; 2000 pizza pasta compay
Bird, Bryan; 1996, 2002 CHUCKWAGON
Bishop, Allison; 1995
Bishop, Laura; 2011 Pizza Pasta Company
Blake, Alison; 2013 CHUCKWAGON
Blakeley, Nathan; 2006 CHUCKWAGON
Blakely, Chris; 2015.16 Pizza Pasta Company
Bland, Larry; 2013 CHUCKWAGON
Blazheska, Magdalena; 2013 Trading Post
Block, David; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Bodenhamer, Joanne; 2008 auditor
Bodily, Jill; 1996 wine shop
Bodmer, Laura; 2005 Spur Bar
Bogatinovski, Viktor; 2014 CHUCKWAGON
Bogdanov, Denis; 2001 pizza pasta company
Bogle, Andrea; 1994 dinners
Bolles, Carver; 2015 Pizza Pasta Company
Boluk, Erkan; 2008 CHUCKWAGON
Bondesen, Jacob; 2010 Adventure Sports
Bone, Victoria; 2013 pizza pasta company
Boog, Melissa; 2007,2008 pizza pasta company
Boomer, Curran; 2008 CHUCKWAGON
Boren, James; 1993,94 CHUCKWAGON
Borgdogna, Philip; 1994,95 pizza pasta company
Bosch, Bo; 2010,11,12 Trading Post, Adventure Sports
Bosch, Kevin; 2010,12 Chuckwagon
Bostrom, Megan; 1992 wine shop
Boswell, Thomas; 2004 CHUCKWAGON
Bota, Septimiu, 2014 Pizza Pasta Company
Bougere, Sydna; 1994 cabins
Bourgeois, Jamie; 2010 Gift Shop and Coffee Cart
Bowen, Brian; 2004 CHUCKWAGON
Bozovayska, Dimitrinka; 2015 Trading Post
Brackett, Zachary; 2006 pizza pasta
Braden, Makayla; 2005 CHUCKWAGON
Bradley, Mark; 19?? CHUCKWAGON
Living in Jackson, Wyoming
Golf Pro: Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis Club
Bradley, Stone; 1996 CHUCKWAGON
Bradford, James; 1997,98 fishing shop
Bradshaw,Curtis; 1998,99 CHUCKWAGON
Bradshaw, Jason; 1996,98 CHUCKWAGON
Bradshaw, Ryan; 1996 CHUCKWAGON
Braid, Michael; 1969 Trading Post
Branch, John; 1996,97,98,99 wine shop
Brantley, Ryan; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Brauburger, Peggy; 1996 cabins
Brauburger, Tonya; 1996 cabins
Bravo, Delia; 2005 cabins
Bravo, Lorena; 2009,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 cabins
Brazzeal, Joey; 2001 pizza pasta company
Breckenridge, Jamie; 1996,97 trading post
Brennan-McCarthy, Amy 2000,01,02,03,04,05,06; bar >
Brennan, Jeff; 2006 trading post
Brescher, COOPER, Carrie; 2000,01 gift shop
Brewer, Heather; 2006 gift shop/coffee cart
Brey, Kameron; 2014 Pizza Pasta Company
Brey, Kourtnie; 2015 Pizza Pasta Company
Bridgeman, Carey; 1999 CHUCKWAGON
Brienzo, Emily; 2012 Trading Post
Brink, Britany; 2000
Brinkerhoff, Robyn; 1999 CHUCKWAGON >
Bristol, Elizabeth; 1995 CHUCKWAGON
Bristow, Robert; 1990,91 CHUCKWAGON
Brito, Neal; 1990
Britton, Condon; 1997 CHUCKWAGON
Brooks, Ryan; 1993,94 CHUCKWAGON
Brown, Helen Amanda; 1994
Brown, Noelle; 1990 giftshop
Brown, Lauren; 2012 Pizza Pasta, Trading Post
Bruce, Matt; 2000,01,02 CHUCKWAGON/trading post
Bruening, Erin; 1990 trading post
Brugalette, Josephina; 2013 CHUCKWAGON
Bruno, Philip, 1992 pizza pasta company
Brunson, Penelope; 1995 pizza pasta company
Brush, Erica; 1996
Bryan, Alice; 1991,02 Spur Bar
Bryant, Luke; 2008 pizza pasta company
Bubniakova, Lenka; 2005 trading post
Bucar, Katherine; 2002 wine shop
Buck, Aaron; 1996,97,98 CHUCKWAGON/pizza pasta company
Budge, Cynthia; 1997,98 audit
Bugge, Anna; 2001 CHUCKWAGON
Buelow, Stephanie; 2011 Wine Shop
Bullis, Robin; 2007 audit
Burdick, Butch; 1970s
Burdick, Michelle; 1970s
Burkhart, Eric; 1994
Burks, Anthony; 1999 adventure sports
Burwick, Kimberly; 1998,99,2002 pizza pasta company
Byington, Cindy; 1991 CHUCKWAGON
Byrd, Bradley; 2005,06 pizza pasta company
Bywater, Steve 2004,05 pizza pasta company
Cain, Taylor 2005,06,07, 09 adventure sports
Cairns, Stan 1990,91,94,95,96,97,98,99,2000 CHUCKWAGON/bakery/pizza
living in Jackson, Wyoming
CNA, St. John's Living Center
Callaway, Carter; 2013 Spur Bar
Callies, Brittany; 2015 CHUCKWAGON
Camp, Tara 1998,99 pizza pasta company
Campbell, Anna; 1996
Campbell, Jacob; 1996,97,98,99,2000 CHUCKWAGON/trading post >
Campbell, Jason; 1997
Campbell-Tivy, Toni; 1984,85 Chuckwagon, Trading Post, Wine Shop, Spur
Bar; married, living in Ventura, California
Campo, Marian; 1992 cabins
Capar, Mark; 2006 CHUCKWAGON
Caposki, Riste; 2012 CHUCKWAGON
Carden, Delilah; 2014 pizza pasta company
Cardoso, Miguel; 2005 pizza pasta company
Carlman, Lenny; 1979, 80 CHUCKWAGON
living in Jackson, Wyoming
Carpenter, Krystin; 2011, 2012 pizza pasta company
Carpin, Susan; 1990
Carlson, Beth; 2013,14,15,16 Cabins
Carlson, Kim; 1990 Spur Bar
Carlson, Laurinda; 1989,91 pizza pasta company Passed away
Carlton, Leia; 1999 Spur Bar
Carnegie, Maverick E.; 2015,16 CHUCKWAGON
Carney, Courtney; 2005 pizza pasta company
Carreto, Darlene; 2012,13,14,15 Cabins, trading post
Carreto, Liza; 2003,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 cabins
Carreto, Guillermina; 2005,06,07 cabins
Carrillo, Wuendy; 2002,03,04,05 cabins
Carroll, Jeremiah; 1997,98,99 pizza pasta company
Carter, Christy; 1998 trading post
Carter, Don; 1995 trading post
Carter, Kayla; 2004 trading post
Carter, Kristen; 1991 giftshop
Carter, Misty; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Carter. Seth; 2007 CHUCKWAGON
Cashin, Lois; 2002,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 gift shop
Castagno, Emily; 2013 The Gift Shop
Cebulla, Brant; 2009 CHUCKWAGON
CemErdem, Ahmet; 2011 CHUCKWAGON
Cenchitz, Kevin; 1997 CHUCKWAGON
Cervoneascii, Andrei; 2002 trading post
Cevik, Hakan; 2015 CHUCKWAGON
Chadwick, Kelly; 1993,94 trading post >
Chai, Khua Pu; 2016 CHUCKWAGON
Chalkin, Igor; 2006 CHUCKWAGON
Chambers, Kelly;
Chambers, Kellie; 1995 trading post
Chambers, Megan; 1993,94 bar
Chappel, Megan; 1997,98 CHUCKWAGON
Chase, Meredith; 1998 trading post
Chaushev, Rafet; 2013,15 Pizza Pasta Company
Chavez, Vanessa; 1995 trading post
Cheek, Pickslay; 1982, 1992 CHUCKWAGON
Cheek, William; 2015 Pizza Pasta Company
Cheremkhina, Natalia; 2014 CHUCKWAGON
Chernokhvostov, Viacheslav; 2007 pizza pasta company
Cherry, Gretchen; 2003,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 Spur Bar
Cheung, Cheukting; 2010 Chuckwagon
Chichoska, Angela; 2013 Pizza Pasta Company
Childs, Ellie; 1999 bakery
Chilton, Penny; 1992,93,94 CHUCKWAGON/trading post
Chin, Eric: 1980 CHUCKWAGON
Chirtoaca, Alina; 2010 Chuckwagon
Chisholm, Lana; 2003 pizza pasta company
Chitoaca, Alina, 2010 Chuckwagon
Choupin, Deb; 1981,82,83,89,90,91,92 wine shop
Christel, Ann; 1991 Spur Bar *passed away*
Christel, Sarah; 2001 bakery
Clark, Colin; 1987,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95 wine shop
Clark, Hadley: 2016 CHUCKWAGON
Clark, Lynn; 1989,90,91,92,93,94,95,96 giftshop
Clark, Sam Adam; 1999,2000 pizza pasta company
Clark, Rob: 2011,12 Pizza Pasta Company/Bar Food/Beverage Manager
Clifford, Maria; 2006,07 trading post
Clifton, Kristin; 2004,05,06,07 pizza pasa company/bar/audit
married, living in Victor, Idaho, Nurse
Cline, Dina; 2008 pizza pasta company
Clough, Abby; 1993,94 CHUCKWAGON
Clough, Emily; 1997 CHUCKWAGON
Clough, Josh; 2013 CHUCKWAGON
Clow, Joseph; 2005 maintenance
Coats, Michael; 2000 CHUCKWAGON
Codevilla, Elizabeth; 2001 cabins
Coe, John; 1990 CHUCKWAGON
Coen, Laura Jean; 1989,91,92 bakery
Coffin, Joshua; 2006 CHUCKWAGON
Cohan, Laurie; 1992,93,94 Spur Bar
Coker, Ed Lee; 1999, 2000 pizza pasta company;
Cole, Alice; 1994
Cole, Soleil; 2004 pizza pasta company
Cole, Taylor; 2009 trading post
Collier, Vanessa: 2016 pizza pasta company
Collins, Justin; 2009 trading post
Coleman, Keith; 1992
Colvin, Brandy; 2000,01 wine shop
Comeaux, George; 2003 wine shop
Conger, Gabriel; 2006 pizza pasta company
Connolly, Janet Paige 2005,06 cabins
Connolly, Michelle; 2000
Conroy, Jeremy; 1997 pizza pasta company
Cook, Carrie; 1995,96,97 Spur Bar
Cook, Gail; 2013,14 Gift Shop, espresso cart
Cooley, Floyd; 2003,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12 wine shop; Tuba King
Coon, Scott; 1994 wine shop
Coons, Bryan; 1992 CHUCKWAGON
Coons, David; 1992 CHUCKWAGON
Coons, Elizabeth; 1992 CHUCKWAGON
Cooper, Austin; 2009 pizza pasta company
Cooper, Robert; 2000 maintenance
married Carrie Brescher
Cope, Melinda; 2012 Pizza Pasta Company
Cor, Selim; 2008 maintenance
Cordeniz, Tanner; 2015,16 Pizza Pasta Company
Corley, Anne; 1972 CHUCKWAGON
Cornelius, Aaron; 2007,08 pizza pasta company
Cornelius, Mamie; 2000 trading post
Corrigan, Alana; 2004 Spur Bar
Corsi, Clarice; 1992 trading post
Corsovic, Momcilo; 2008 trading post
Costner, James; 2008,09,10,11,12,13 CHUCKWAGON, pizza pasta; CW Manager
Cotterell, Brian; 1991 CHUCKWAGON
Cotterell, Nick; 1991 CHUCKWAGON
Cottrell, Kathy; 1975 CHUCKWAGON, trading post; living in Shasta Lake, CA
Cotrill, Kyle; 2014,15 CHUCKWAGON
Courchene, June; 2002 CHUCKWAGON
Courtney, Heather; 1990,91,95,99,2000 trading post/wine shop
Couvert, Heather; 1995
Crable, Logan; 2006 CHUCKWAGON
Craighead, Andrea; 2000, 11 trading post, Spur Bar, pizza pasta
Craighead, Cooper; 1995 trading post
Craigmile, Nicole; 2014 CHUCKWAGON
Crausby, Amber; 2004 office
Crawford, A. Spenser; 2014 trading post
Crispe, Michael; 2007,08 pizza pasta company
Crist, Robert; 1997,98 pizza pasta company
Croft, Thomas; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Cromar, Marilee: 2012 Wine Shop
Crozier, Stephen; 2016 Spur Bar
Cruz, Gabrielle; 2010,11,12,13,14 Pizza Pasta Company, gift shop, coffee stand
Food & Beverage Manager at Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis
Cummings, Jim; 2006,07 pizza pasta company
Culley, Eric; 2010 Pizza Pasta Company
Cunningham, April; 1998 cabins
Daffron, Robert; 1995,96,2000,01 CHUCKWAGON/pizza pasta company
Dagleish-McCurdy, Katherine; 1990,91,92 trading post
living in Jackson, Wyoming
Postmaster at Moose
Daines, Clinton; 1992 CHUCKWAGON
DaLos Angeles Tellez, Maria; 2006 cabins
Dalton, Louise; 2000 trading post
Darien, Lauri; 2000 CHUCKWAGON
Daughtry, Laura; 1999 pizza pasta company
Daughtry, Lisa; 1999 pizza pasta company
Daughtry, Robert; 2003 pizza pasta company
Davenport, James; 1996,97,98,99 fishing shop
Davenport, Lindsey; 1999,2002 pizza pasta company
between Tallahassee, Charleston, & Moosehead Ranch
Davey, Georgianna; 1990 trading post
Davey, Matt; 2000,01 CHUCKWAGON
Davis, Charles; 2000 trading post
Davis, Dave; 2008 pizza pasta company
Davis, David; 1999,2000 trading post
Davis, HATCH Kassi; 2000 CHUCKWAGON
Davis, Lansing; 1999 fishing shop
Davis, Tim; 1993 CHUCKWAGON
Davis, Tyrel; 2001 CHUCKWAGON
Davison, James; 1994
Davydova, Swetlana; 2009 CHUCKWAGON
Daw, Christopher;
Day, Charles; 1996,97,98,2002,03,06 CHUCKWAGON/pizza pasta company
passed away 8/5/07
Day, Gene; 1992,93,94,95,96,97,98 bakery
Day, Jim; 1985,86 CHUCKWAGON
Day, Tanya; 1996 trading post
Day-Depizzol, Anna; 2010 Gift Shop and Coffee Cart
Dean, Clark; 2014 pizza pasta company
Deems, Stephen, 2001 maintenance
Deer, Laura; 1997 CHUCKWAGON
Degman, Matthew; 2003 CHUCKWAGON
DeMoss, Jeff; 1998 adventure sports
Demyanchuk, Viktoriya; 2007 trading post
DeNatale, Anna; 1996,97 Spur Bar
Denisova, Ksenia; 2005 trading post
Denoewer, Charles; 1994,95 maintenance
Dersham, David; 1990 CHUCKWAGON
DeSantis, Michael; 1999,2000 CHUCKWAGON
Deshler, Oliver; 1997 CHUCKWAGON
DeWall, Wayne; 1991,92 Spur Bar
DeWalt, Meghan; 2010 Spur Bar
DeWine, Michelle; 2009 adventure sports
DiAngelo, Dolores; 1994,95 giftshop
Diaz, Isabel; 1999 cabins
Dichkov, Konstantin; 2012 Pizza Pasta Company
Diza-Miller, Charles; 2008 pizza pasta company
Dickenson, Lisa; 1996,97,98 Spur Bar
Dickerson, Shannon; 2003 trading post
Dickey, Laura; 1996 CHUCKWAGON
Dietz, Sean; 2012, 2014, 15,16 Pizza Pasta Company
Dillon, Jennifer; 2009, 10 pizza pasta company
Dimick, Joshua; 1997 CHUCKWAGON
Dimitrov, Ivo; 2013, 2014, 2015 Trading Post
Dimitrov, Lyubomir; 2011, 2012 PIZZA & PASTA COMPANY
Diggins, Corinne; 2005 trading post
Dimitrov, Ivo; 2013 Trading Post
Dimoski, Goce; 2006 pizza pasta company
DiSanto, Catherine; 2010 Pizza Pasta Company
Dixon, Aimee; 1996 CHUCKWAGON
Dixon, JohnRyan 'Floyd'; 1994,95,96,97,98,99,2004,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16
CHUCKWAGON, Facilities Manager
married, living in Wilson, Wyoming
Dixon, Scott; 1998,99,2000,2001,2003 CHUCKWAGON
Djakov, Martin; 2012,13 Trading Post, pizza pasta company
Dobbs, Lauren; 2008 Wine Shop
Dobbs, Ryan; 2007 TRADING POST
Dockery, Wilda; 1995 giftshop
Dodd, Zachary; 2014 Adventure Sports
Doherty, Colin; 2012 CHUCKWAGON
Doherty, Kelsey; 2014 pizza pasta company
Dominguez, Lola; 2008 trading post
Domovessova, Natalia; 1999 CHUCKWAGON
Donaldson, Lucas; 1994 fishing shop
Doncheva-Olson, Kameliya; 2003,04 CHUCKWAGON/trading post
Doohaluk, Deanna; 1995 trading post
Dopirak, David: 2016 pizza pasta company
Dornan, Bob (passed away 9/2/15)
Dornan, Carol (Mersereau)
Dornan, Carolyn (Drumm)
Dornan, Conrad
Dornan, David
Dornan, Dick
Dornan, Earle
Dornan, Ellen (passed away)
Dornan, Ellen K.
Dornan, Ellen (Wilson) TAMBOR
Dornan, Erica (Peterson)
Dornan, Grant
Dornan, Huntley
Dornan, Jack (passed away)
Dornan, Jackie (Johnson) FLEDER
Dornan, Joanne
Dornan, John
Dornan, Mandy (Pearson)
Dornan, Nancy
Dornan, Patricia
passed away 2/11/08
Dornan, Reade
Dornan, Rodney
passed away 2/2/06
Dornan, Tricia (Smith)
Dornan, Virginia
passed away
Dornan, Will
Dornan, Wythe
passed away
Dornan, Zach
Dorius, Shanna; 1998 wineshop
Dovgopolaya, Viktoriya; 2008 gift shop, coffee/ice cream cart
Dow, Travis; 1999,2000,01 CHUCKWAGON
Dowda, Mike; 2003 bar
Downey, Mary; 1990 wine shop
Doyon, Robert; 2007, 08 CHUCKWAGON
Doyle, Corey, 2006 wine shop
Doyle, Doug; 2000,2002 Spur Bar
Dragoshanskiy, Alex; 1999,2000,2001 cabins >
living in Peoria, Illinois
Caterpillar Company
Drake, Tamara; 1992 trading post
Drossos, Sam; 1999,2000,2001 CHUCKWAGON/pizza pasta company
Dubinsky, Elly; 1986,87,88' CHUCKWAGON/pizza pasta company
living in Rhinebeck, New York
Dudek, James: 2016 Trading Post
Duhon, Amy; 2010,11 Trading Post, giftshop, coffee cart
Duke, Leah; 2000 Spur Bar
Dulaney, Jane; 1994 cabins
Dunlap, Tyler; 1999 CHUCKWAGON
Dunn, Mike; many years; Spur Bar/Wine Shop
Durant, Traci; 1998 trading post
Durrett, James; 2015 Adventure Sports, Spur Bar, Pizza Pasta
Durrett, Ryan; 2014,15 pizza pasta company, Adventure Sports
Dycus, Tamara; 1990 trading post
Dynice, Benjamin; 2001 CHUCKWAGON
Early, Michael; 2008 pizza pasta company
Echeverria, Jake; 2006 CHUCKWAGON
Eckman, Traci; 1997 trading post
Edsinger, Bret; 1990,91 CHUCKWAGON >
Egorova, Alena; 2007 GIFTSHOP
Egts, Erin 2006; pizza pasta company
Eilers, Elizabeth; 1997 trading post
Eisenbery, Aaron; 2001 adventure sports
Eklund, Katina; 2006,07,08,09,10 Spur Bar
Elbert, Theresa; 1995
Eliot, Alison; 1996,97 cabins
Ellerman-Watts, Annie; 2000 pizza pasta company
Ellis, Lauren 2006; pizza pasta company
Ellis, Sean; 1995,96 CHUCKWAGON
Emery,Lyla; 2010 Wine Shop
Endris, Jenny; 1993 pizza pasta company
England, James; 2015,16 Pizza Pasta Company
Erickson, Ken; 1999,2000,02 CHUCKWAGON
Erven, James; 2002 adventure sports
Erwin, Brandy; 2003,04,05 CHUCKWAGON/office/bar
Espinosa, Andrea; 1999 cabins
Estrada, Sara; 2001 CHUCKWAGON
Ethridge, Stephen; 2001 CHUCKWAGON
Evans, Karen; 1999 Spur Bar
Evans, D. Mark; 2011, 2012 Spur Bar
Everhart, John; 1993 CHUCKWAGON
Fahrmeier, Rechelle; 1999 wine shop
Falber, Justin; 2006 pizza pasta company
Fay, Tom; 1994 CHUCKWAGON
living in Jackson, Wyoming
owner of Pinky G's
Fay, Zoe; 2014,15 pizza pasta company, wine shop
Federer, Sue; 1993 Spur Bar
Fedoriv, Maryana; 2007 ICE CREAM/COFFEE CART
Fedorov, Alex; 2010,11 Pizza Pasta Company
Fellerman, Mark; 2000 pizza pastacompany
Ferbei, Viktoriia; 2007 CHUCKWAGON
Ferguson, Bonnie; 2004 pizza pasta company
Ferons, Ben; 2008 pizza pasta company
Ferretti, Megan; 1996 trading post
Ferretti, Tiffany; 1996 trading post
Fertal, Peter; 2001 CHUCKWAGON
Ferullo, Larissa; 1993 trading post
living in Jackson, Wyoming
practicing law
Ferullo, Todd; 1993 trading post
Fickling, Wade; 1997 CHUCKWAGON
Fidel, Michael; 2014, 15 CHUCKWAGON
Field, Heidi; 2003,04 trading post
Fields, Matt; 2006 pizza pasta company
Fields ; chuckwagon
Fields ; chuckwagon
Fifer, Ryan; 1997 CHUCKWAGON
Fink, Zachary; 2001 trading post
Fisher, Kevin; 1997,98 pizza pasta company
Fisher, Megan; 2006 giftshop; passed away
Fisher, N.Glenn; 2003 pizza pata company
Fleming, Josephine; 1999 adventure sports
Fletcher, John; 1997,98 pizza pasta company
Flores, Aaron; 2005,06,14, 15 pizza pasta company, trading post
Flores, Anna; 2016 CHUCKWAGON
Flowers, Alex; 2016 pizza pasta company, CHUCKWAGON
Ford, Caroline; 2016 pizza pasta company, barrista
Forester, Shawna; 1991 giftshop
Foster, Jessica; 2016 trading post
Foster, Kris; 1999 CHUCKWAGON
Fowler, LaRue; 1998 giftshop
Fox, John; 2001 trading post
Frane, Jeff; 2002 trading post
Frankovic, Carrie; 1999 cabins
Franks, Brooke; 2013 Trading Post
Frazier, Jason; 2006 CHUCKWAGON
Freeman, Matt; 2002,03,04,05,06,09 CHUCKWAGON/pizza pasta
Fuerte, Art; 2010 Spur Bar
Fuller, Skye; 1991,92 trading post
Gafford, Austin; 2016 pizza pasta company
Gage, James; 2007 pizza pasta company
Gale, Michael; 1988 CHUCKWAGON
Gallagher, Katie; 2009 CHUCKWAGON
Ganbold, Enkhzaya; 2008 trading post
Gant, Hillary; 1994 trading post, CHUCKWAGON;
Ganzhenko, Irina; 2009 Chuckwagon
Garcia Hernandez, Angel; 2003,04,06,07,08,09 pizza pasta company
Garcia Tenapol, Angel; 2003,04,06 pizza pasta company
Garcia, Manuel; 2005 cabins
Garcia, Victor; 1999 cabins
Gardino, Fernando; 2004 cabins
Garten, Alison; 1996 trading post
Garza, Andy; 1990 CHUCKWAGON
Gates, William; 2002 CHUCKWAGON
Gavalis-Ownby, Arlene; 1998,99 Spur Bar
living in Oregon
Gavkalyuk, Ulyana; 2007 trading post
Geitz, Shari BURR; 1973 trading post, 76 CW and Books
Gentes, Anthony; 2002 bar
George, Adam; 2013 CHUCKWAGON
George, Christopher; 1993 CHUCKWAGON
George, Joby; 2004 pizza pasta company
George, Vincent; 2007 pizza pasta company
Georgiev, Pavel; 2003 pizza pasta company
Gerle, Patricia, Lichvar; 1977, 1978; trading post
lives in Post Mills, VT;
Gersten, Alexandra; 2008,13 coffee cart, pizza pasta company
Gersten, Kendyl; 2016 coffee cart, gifts
Gersten, Kira; 2007,08,09 giftshop, coffee cart, events
lives in Uruaguay
Gettel, Brad; 2008 pizza pasta company
Geyba, Anastasiya; 2005 CHUCKWAGON
Gibbs, Matt; 2003,04 CHUCKWAGON
Gil, Steve; 2002,04 Spur Bar
Gilchrist, James; 2000,01 CHUCKWAGON
Gillette, Giuliana; 1997 cabins
Gioshes, Trina; 1991,2002 Spur Bar
Glimmer, Logan; 2016 trading post, CHUCKWAGON
Goad, Matthew; 1990 CHUCKWAGON
Goldman, Derek; 1996 Spur Bar
Gomerginer, Lonny; 2002 CHUCKWAGON
Gonsalez, Antonio; 1998 cabins
Gonsalez, Cesar Portillo; 2004 CHUCKWAGON
Gonsalves, Christopher; 2014 CHUCKWAGON
Goodpaster, Kelly; 1999 pizza pasta company
Goodrum, Anne Miller; 1999 trading post
living in Atlanta, GA
Goodwin, Ben; 2000,01 CHUCKWAGON
Goodyear, Abigail; 1999,2000 trading post/bake
Goosen, Adam; 2001 bake
Gores, Shelby; 2002 pizza pasta company
Gorski, Matt; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Grant, Jim; 1982 CHUCKWAGON
Graves, Justin; 2011 Adventure Sports
Graves, Michael; 1992
Gray, John; 1998,99 pizza pasta company/CHUCKWAGON
Green, Brandy; 2013 Spur Bar
Green, Timothy; 2004 audit
Greene, Casey; 1998,99 trading post
Greenhaus, Adam; 2015 trading post
Greenwell, Allen; 1999 pizza pasta company
Greenwell, Ashleigh; 2000,01 CHUCKWAGON
George, Alyce - now Hubbard 19?? Spur Bar
Greuter, Danielle; 2012,13,14 Wine Shop, pizza pasta company
Griffin, Jason; 1998 trading post
Griffin, John 'Mack'; 2009 pizza pasta company
Griffith, Taylor; 2012 Pizza Pasta Company
Griffiths, Glenn; 1992
Grimes, John; 1999,2000 CHUCKWAGON
Gross, Kathleen; 2003 trading post
Grosse, Keith; 2008 pizza pasta company
Grover, Kimberly; 1995 trading post
Grudzielski, Judith; 1995 cabins
Guenther, Jim; 1996,1997 wine shop
Guenther, Katja; 1993
Guenther, Sharon; 1995,96 Spur Bar
Guerrero, CARLSON, Annie; 87,88 CHUCKWAGON >
Guffey, James; 2008 pizza pasta company
Guild, Steven; 2013 wine shop
Gunduz, Seyyid' 2015 CHUCKWAGON
Grant, Jim; 1982 CHUCKWAGON
Grunke, John; 2006 CHUCKWAGON
Guillory, Travis 2005, 2006 pizza pasta company/trading post
Gurney, 'Bud' Harry; 1950,51,54,55,56,57,58,59,60,61 CHUCKWAGON
living in Colorado
Gurney, Jonathan; 1977,84,85,86,87,88,90,91,92,93,95,99,2000 CHUCKWAGON >
living in Castle Rock, Colorado
Gurney, Lauren; 2016 baker
Gurney, Morgan; 2014 Gift Shop, Coffee, Events
Guy, Marion; 2001 pizza pasta company
Guy, Nicholas; 2006 CHUCKWAGON
Guzman, Xanath; 2015 CHUCKWAGON
Gwinn, Kevin; 2015,16 CHUCKWAGON
Hackler, Randy; 1985,86,87,88,89,90,91,92,93,94 bakery
living in Jackson, Wyoming
Hadican, Beth; 1995 CHUCKWAGON
Haines, Ken; 1992 CHUCKWAGON
Hakimelahy, Shereen; 2014 trading post
Hales, Nick; 1994,95 trading post
Hall, ALEXANDER, Britney; 1993,94 CHUCKWAGON
Hall, William; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Halliburton, John; 1992 CHUCKWAGON
Hamara, Jan; 2002 CHUCKWAGON
Hammond, Dorry; 2000,01,02 giftshop
***passed away***
Hammond-Carlson, Beth; 2000,01,02,03 giftshop/Spur Bar
Hammond, Jamie; 2000,01 CHUCKWAGON
Hammoundi, Soumaya; 2006 trading post
Hancock, Alfred; 1994
Hannig, Tyson; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Hansen, Don; 1991 maintenance
Hansen, Heidi; 1997 CHUCKWAGON
Hansen, Joel; 1994
Hansen, Ray; 2010,11,12,13 Pizza Pasta Company
Hanson, Otto; 2004,05 CHUCKWAGON
Happ, Drew; 1998,99,2000,01,02,03,04 Spur Bar
living in Jackson, Wyoming
Peak Chimney Sweeps
Hardiman, Chris; 2012,13,14 Trading Post, Janitor
Harkness, Luke; 1994,95 Spur Bar
***passed away***
Harlow, Zach; 1994
Harmon, Andy; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Harris, Gilbert; 1999 CHUCKWAGON
Harris, Zeth; 2013 CHUCKWAGON
Hartgrave, Ted; 1948 CHUCKWAGON
***passed away***
Hartley, Bobby; 1992 CHUCKWAGON
HARTMAN, Marilyn; 1982 Spur Bar
living in Jackson, Wyoming
Hartman, Paul; 1992
***passed away***
Hartman, Yvonne; 2001,02,08,09 pizza pasta company, gift shop,
coffee cart
Hartnett, Patti; 19?? Spur Bar
living in Jackson, Wyoming
selling real estate
Hartung, Kurt; 2000 CHUCKAGON
Hassler, Jason; 2005 pizza pasta company
Hastings, Eric; 1982 CHUCKWAGON;
Hatchell, Kathleen; 2007 WINE SHOP
Hausuer, Troy; 1991
Havens, Marilla; 2016 Adventure Sports
Hawkins, Zach; 1997 pizza pasta company
Hawthorne, Micah; 1999,2005,06,07,09,10; Spur Bar
Hawthorne, Danielle; 1998 cabins
Hayden, Anne; 1999,2000,01,02 pizza pasta company
Hayden, Doug; 2009 pizza pasta company
Hazel, Patrick; 2004 CHUCKWAGON
Hazen, Rebecca; 2003 pizza pasta company
Heck, Rebecca; 1998 wine shop
Hecker, Joel; 2007 TRADING POST
Hecker, Tom; 2010 Trading Post
Heffner MUSCLOW, Sherry; 1995,96 trading post
Heide, William; 2003,04 Spur Bar
Heilson, Marc; 1995
Helton, Ashley; 2006 CHUCKWAGON
Helvaciv, Ahmet; 2016 CHUCKWAGON
Hemmings, Emery; 2000
Hendricks, Andrea; 2011 PIZZA & PASTA COMPANY
Hendrickson, Erick; 2001,02 pizza pasta company
Hendrix, Abbie; 1995
Henson, Bradley, 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Henson, William; 2005 wine shop
Herburger, Robyne; 2015 Espresso Cart
Hernandez, Angel Garcia; 2005,06,07,08,09 PIZZA PASTA COMPANY
Hernandez, Flores, Inalaia; 2012 Cabins
Hernandez, Lourdes; 2004 CHUCKWAGON
Hernandez, Ma Mayrem; 2012 Cabins
Hernandez, Miguel; 2008 pizza pasta company
Herndon, Chelsea; 2004,05 trading post
Herrera, Sinay; 2009 cabins
Herrera, Tonya; 1998 cabins
Herring, Jackson; 2013 Pizza Pasta Company
Herrod, Ashley; 1996
Hershey, Gregory 1989,91 wine shop
Herz-McReynolds, Amy; 1991,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,11 giftshop/pizza pasta company/trading post/CHUCKWAGON/Spur Bar/fishinghop/office
living in Moose, Wyoming
Blacktail Cabins
Herz, Katherine; 1991,95,97 giftshop
living in San Francisco, California
Herz, Peter; 1991,92 trading post
engineer, living in Frederick, Maryland
Heskett, David; 1995,98 CHUCKWAGON
Heusel, Sam; 2001 trading post
Hevener, Shirley; 1998 cabins
Hill, James; 2009,10 pizza pasta company, CHUCKWAGON
Hicks, James Grayson; 2006,08 CHUCKWAGON
Hilton, Sarah; 1994,95 pizza pasta company
Hinnen, Colleen; 1992,93 bar
living in Arizona
working for American Airlines
Hirst, Jessica; 1997
Hively, Brian; 2005 audit
Hladicek, Robert; 2003 CHUCKWAGON
Hobbins, Karen; 1994,95,96,97,98,99,2000,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 wine shop
Hobbs, John; 2008 pizza pasta company
Hobbs, Justin; 2014,15,16 CHUCKWAGON, Pizza pasta Company, Gift Shop, Coffee cart, events, Trading Post
Hodson, Ed; 1948 CHUCKWAGON
Hodorogea, Ovidiu; 2014 CHUCKWAGON
Hoeffel, Joseph (Jake); 2005 trading post
Hoffman, Logan; 2005 pizza pasta company
Hoffman, Matthew; 1990
Hoffman, Sarah; 1992,98,2002 cabins
living in Jackson, Wyoming
Hogland, Heather; 1995,96 trading post
living in Jackson, Wyoming
The Tea Lady business
Hogland, Heidi; 1996 trading post
Holcombe, Jacob; 2001 CHUCKWAGON
Holland, Scott; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Hollaway, Kyle; 2015 Pizza Pasta Company
Hollingsworth, Neal; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Hollyhand, Brian; 1997 CHUCKWAGON
Holmes, Ryan; 2014 Wine Shop
Holmes, Stephen; 1996 CHUCKWAGON
Holt, Steel; 1997 CHUCKWAGON
Horowitz, Kimberly; 2004 trading post
Horton, Nicholas; 1999 CHUCKWAGON >
Horton, Brian; 1992,93,94 CHUCKWAGON >
living in Murphy, North Carolina
Selling real estate at Appalachian Land Company
House, Brandy; 1995
Howard, Ezra; 2000 CHUCKWAGON
Houston, Ara Lee; 1993 trading post
Howard, Anne; 1992,96 cabins
Howard, Aaron, 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Howard, Frederick; 1994,95,96,97 Spur Bar >
Howard, Travis; 1997,98 Spur Bar
Howley-Ryan, Mary; 1992,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,2000,01,02,03 Spur Bar
Huan, Ran; 2011, gift shop
Hubbard, Alyce: 72510 K 73 Trail, Montrose, CO 81401-7622
Hudson Ashley; 2016 Wine Shop
Huggins, Mark; 1997 CHUCKWAGON
Hulstrom, Michael; 2002 trading post
Hunter, Heather; 2015,16 Spur Bar
Hunton-Chan, Winifred; 2001 CHUCKWAGON
Husa, Bryan; 2009,10,11,12 trading post, CHUCKWAGON
Husa, Travis; 2009 CHUCKWAGON
Hutto, Rodney; 2002 trading post
Hyatt, Bethia; 1999,2000,02,03,04,08,10,12 CHUCKWAGON/pizza pasta company, Gift Shop, Trading Post
Lawyer in Rock Springs, WY
Hyatt, Rebecca; 2008,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 Spur Bar
Hymel, Ashley; 2010,11 Wine Shop
Ibrahim, Mikidad; 2004 pizza pasta company
Idiatullin, Ramil; 2008 chuckwagon
Ingram, A.H.; 1994
Ingram, Paulas; 1994
Iobst, Allison' 1997,99,2000 trading post/audit/Spur Bar
Iobst, Benjamin; 1999 pizza pasta company >
Iobst, Steve; 2000 pizza pasta company
Irish, Steven; 2007 pizza pasta company
Isaienko, Viktor; 2007 pizza pasta company
Isayev, Orkhan; 2007 TRADING POST
Ivanyuk, Svyatoslava; 2007 GIFTSHOP, Coffee/Ice Cream Cart
Ivleva, Marina; 2002 CHUCKWAGON
Ivonne-Hernandez, Maria; 2008 cabins
Izquierdo, Kris; 2016 Pizza Pasta Company
Jackson, Barbara; 1980 CHUCKWAGON
Jackson, Billy; 2005 wine shop
Jackson, Emily; 2005 pizza pasta company
Jackson, Sam; 2013 pizza pasta company
Jackson, Tommie; 2008 pizza pasta company
Jackson, Yvonne; 1999 office
Jacob, Joel 2001;
Jacobson, Chris; 1976 CHUCKWAGON
Jagelski, Bernadine; 1996,97 wine shop
James, Belinda; 2005 giftshop
James-Rust, Linda; 1987,88,89,91 CHUCKWAGON/pizza pasta
company/trading post
Janevska, Ana; 2012 Gift Shop
Janevski, Filip; 2013 CHUCKWAGON
Jankov, Tihomir; 2014 CHUCKWAGON
Jauregui, Joel; 2006 pizza pasta company
Jauregui, John; 1995,96,97,98 CHUCKWAGON
Jeffries, James"Matt"; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Jenkins, Margaret; 2000,01 office >
Jennings, Blaire; 2012 GiftShop, Coffee Stand
Jensen, David, 2008 trading post
Jewell, Ryan; 2000,01,02 trading post
Jewett, Michael; 1999,2000 pizza pasta company
Joerackova, Michaela; 2005 CHUCKWAGON
John, Louise; 1997 giftshop
Johnson, Austen; 2015 Espresso Cart
Johnson, Ben; 1992
Johnson,Dennis;1986,87,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,2000,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 Spur Bar, Wine Shop Manager
living in Kelly, Wyoming
Johnson, Devron; 1997 trading post
Johnson-Stewart, Elizabeth; 1991-92 wine shop
Johnson, Holland; 1995,96 CHUCKWAGON >
Johnson, Vicki; 198? wineshop
Johnson, Jay Beckett; 2010 CHUCKWAGON
Johnson, JosephJames; 1994,95 CHUCKWAGON
Johnson, Kate; 2004,06,07,08 Spur Bar/pizza pasta company, CHUCKWAGON
Johnson, Marc; 2003 trading post
Johnson, Mark; 1996,97,98 cabins
Johnson, Samuel; 1997 trading post
Johnson, Tracie; 2006
Johnson, Vicki; 1984,85,87,88 CHUCKWAGON, trading post, Spur Bar,
wineshop >
living in Denver, Colorado
Johnston, W.Bruce; 1985,86,87,88,89,90,91 Spur Bar
Johnstone, Richard; 2002 CHUCKWAGON
Jones, Amanda; 2000 CHUCKWAGON
Jones, Collen; 2002
Jones, Joseph; 1996 CHUCKWAGON
Jones, Kenneth; 2007 trading post
Jones, Whitney; 2013,14 pizza pasta company
Jones-Ortega, Lexi; 2013 trading post
Jordan, Kevin; 2000 pizza pasta company
Jordy, Caleb; 2012,13 pizza pasta company
Joyce, Peter; 2003 office
Judd, Shayna; 2012 CHUCKWAGON
Juhaszova, Eva; 2003 CHUCKWAGON
Juricisin, Stanislav; 2001 CHUCKWAGON
Jury, Benjamin; 2001
Kaceriakova, Simona; 2016 Trading Post
Kadrieska, Lejla, 2012 CHUCKWAGON
Kallage, Jean; 1999,2000,01; CHUCKWAGON >
living in Portland, Oregon
married, attorney
Kalman, Crystal VEIOCK; 1997 trading post >
living in Alexandria, VA; married
Kam, David; 1999 pizza pasta company
Kardashynskyi, Ievgenii; 2008 CHUCKWAGON
Karimov, Agil; 2007 CHUCKWAGON
Karpiuk, Sergii; 2008 pizza pasta company
Kasatkina, Anna; 2005 trading post
Katibah, Danny; 2009,10 pizza pasta company, Adventure Sports
Katz, Joseph; 2007,08,09,10,11,12,13,14 trading post, pizza pasta company
Kay, Tyler; 2014 Wine Shop
Kelly, Lauren; 2000,01 CHUCKWAGON
Kelly, Mike; 1991 Spur Bar
Kelly, Nick; 2007 pizza pasta company
Kelly, Nikita; 2013 gifts, espresso cart
Kelley, Alicia; 2003 Spur Bar
Kercin, Selda; 2013 CHUCKWAGON
Kerekes, Szabolcs; 2015 CHUCKWAGON
Kersh, Ryan; 1999 CHUCKWAGON
Kershner, CharlesBrett; 2001 CHUCKWAGON
Key, Heyward, 1998 trading post
Khorvat, Tetiana; 2007 TRADING POST
Kicklighter, Clifford; 2003 CHUCKWAGON
Kim, HyunNam; 2003 trading post
married, living in Wilson, WY
Kimball, Chris; 2013 CHUCKWAGON
King; Josh; 1991 CHUCKWAGON
Kinker, Tamara; 1990 giftshop
Kinsella, Kathryn; 1998 giftshop
Kirby, Andrea; 1996 trading post
Kitching, Michael; 2004 CHUCKWAGON
Kleckova, Miroslava; 2004,05 trading post
Klein, Theodore; 1997 CHUCKWAGON
Klements, Hilary; 1999 trading post
Kline, Timothy; 2001 pizza pasta company (
Living in Fraser, Colorado
Klobnak, Jeanne; 1996 Spur Bar
Klose, Jared; 2002 adventure sports
Kmec, Jan; 2001 CHUCKWAGON
Kmecova, Lenka; 2003,04,05,06 pizza pasta company
Knott, Jason; 2003,04,05,06 trading post/adventure sports
Knowles, Katherine; 2013 trading post, baker
Knox, Adam; 2013 CHUCKWAGON
Kocal, Alparslan; 2007 PIZZA PASTA COMPANY
Kogan, Danny; 1996 CHUCKWAGON
Kohler, John; 2004 CHUCKWAGON
Kolan, Matthew; 2000
Kolodyazhnyy, Andrey; 2008 pizza pasta company
Kolosky, Joe; 2002 pizza pasta company
Komarova, Anastasia; 2015 CHUCKWAGON, pizza pasta company
Kondratieva, Elena; 2002 CHUCKWAGON
Kooms, Kimberly; 2004,06 Spur Bar
Kooms, Kristina; 2005,06 Spur Bar
Kortenhoeven, Christopher; 1997 cabins
Koski, Andrew; 2001,02 pizza pasta company
Kostadinov, Dino; 2013 pizza pasta company
Kowalchuk, Sophia; 2015 office
Krause, Brent; 2004 Spur Bar
Krecisz, Monika; 2001,02 pizza pasta company
Krommel, Peter; 2007 CHUCKWAGON
Krueger, Nickolas; 2015 pizza pasta company
Kryger, Melissa; 2009 Spur Bar
Kryger, Travis; 2008 Maintenance
Boatman for Barker-Ewing
Kucheryavaya, Yana; 2006 CHUCKWAGON
Kudrjashov, Boriss; 2002 CHUCKWAGON
Kucharik, Martin; 2001 CHUCKWAGON
Kucharik, Peter; 2002 CHUCKWAGON
Kucharik, Vladimir; 2002 CHUCKWAGON
Kudiumov, Anton; 2014,15 Pizza pasta company
Kuehn, Charles 1993,94; CHUCKWAGON
Kulebyakina, Yulia; 2008 trading post
Kunst, Nicholas; 2006 maintenance
Kurka, Michael; 2002 CHUCKWAGON
Kurth, Ashley; 1996 giftshop
Kurth, Stephanie; 1990,92,94,95,96 giftshop/trading post
Kurth, Susan; 1990,91,92,93 trading post
Lachenman, Brandi; 1999 wine shop
Lamb, Brittany; 2013 Pizza Pasta Company
Lamson, Ellen; 1997 cabins
Landes, Brett; 2013 CHUCKWAGON
Landry, Katherine; 2008 pizza pasta company
Lane, David; 2007 trading post
Lane, Eddie; 1999? wine shop
Lane, Frank; 1998 wine shop
Lane, Robert; 2007
Langdon, Allison; 1992,93 Spur Bar
Landis, Rob; 1990 CHUCKWAGON
Lanzendorfer, Allison; 2011 Trading Post
Lanzendorfer, Erin; 2011 Wine Shop
Larsen, Ashley; 2014,15,16 CHUCKWAGON, Gift Shop, Espresso Cart, Events
Laub, Angela; 1998,99 CHUCKWAGON
Laubscher, Emily; 2004 wineshop >
living in Somerville, Massachusetts
Lauder, Charles; 2012,13,14,15,16 Food & Beverage Manager Pizza Pasta
Company/Spur Bar
Laurence, Joshua; 1994 CHUCKWAGON
Lawrence, Colleen; 2006 trading post
Lawrence, Samuel; 2002 CHUCKWAGON
Lawrence, Sara; 2000 pizza pasta company
Laws, Andrea; 1999 trading post
Lawson, Heath; 2007,08,09 ADVENTURE SPORTS
Lawson, Jasper; 2006,07 trading post
Laxon, Christopher; 1996.97 CHUCKWAGON; passed away 2015
Lea, Jonas; 1996 CHUCKWAGON
Leach, Deborah; 1995,96
Leake, Angela; 1994
Leany, Jordon; 1999 CHUCKWAGON
Lee, Grace; 2002 CHUCKWAGON
Lee, Jessica; 2006
Lee, Ron; 1991
Lee, YoungJi; 2003 trading post
Leither, Jill; 2013 Spur Bar
Leitton, Peter; 2009,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 Spur Bar
Lentz, Nicole; 2004,05 giftshop
Lesman, Damika; 2007 pizza pasta company
Levy, Emily; 2004,05,06 CHUCKWAGON/pizza pasta company/spur bar
Liakhova, Elena; 2015 trading post
Libova, Lenka; 2007 GIFTSHOP, Coffee/Ice Cream Cart
Liebhold, Naomi; 2013 Giftshop, Coffee/Ice Cream Cart
Lillie CHADWICK, Dinah; 1965 trading post, cabins
Lillie DAMMANN, Nancy; 1964,65 trading post, cabins
Lindeburg, Andrea; 1994,95 trading post
Lindeburg, Richard; 1992,93 maintenance/trading post
Lindsey, Andrew; 2010,10,11,12 CHUCKWAGON, maintenance
Little, Stephanie; 2003 pizza pasta company
Lobbova, Slavomira; 2007 GIFTSHOP, Coffee/Ice Cream Cart
Loftus, Eric; 2014,15,16 Pizza Pasta Company, CHUCKWAGON
Loftus, Kelly; 2015,16 Pizza Pasta Company, CHUCKWAGON
Logsdon, Adam; 1995
Long, Francis; 2007 Maintenance
Lopez, Lorena; 2009 Cabins
Lopez, Raul; 2010 Pizza Pasta Company
Lopez-Ceron, Luz Maria; 2012 Cabins
Lopez, Raul; 2010 Pizza pasta company
Loudermilk, Jess; 2009,10,11 Pizza Pasta Company
Lovett, Jack; 1991 CHUCKWAGON
Lovoi,GERSTEN, Dawn 1999,2000,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,
14,15,16; Business Manager
Lowrey, Ian; 2006 trading post
Lowrey, Marsha; 1996 trading post
Lozanovski, Kristijan; 2016 pizza pasta company
Lundquist, David; 1994,95 CHUCKWAGON
Lypchuk, Volodymyr; 2008, 14 trading post
Lyon-Daffron, Kelli; 1995,96 CHUCKWAGON
living in Riverton, Wyoming
Lysivskyy, Roman; 2007 CHUCKWAGON
Lyubomir, Dimitrov; 2011 pizza pasta company
Mackay, Callum; 2016 adventure sports
Mackie, Haddon; 2007 pizza pasta company
Mackie, Lisa; 1994
Mackie, Sherida; 1992,93,94,95 cabins
MacKenzie, Hector; 1993,94,95,96,97 Spur Bar
MacKinnon, Michael; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
MacKintosh, Jamie; 1990,91,92,93,94 Spur Bar
Macray, Mack; 195? CHUCKWAGON
Madden, Mathew; 1995 CHUCKWAGON
Madison, Jeanne; 1995
Maerki, Dawn; 2008 wine shop
Magel, Nicole; 1995
Mahan, Andrew; 1999,2000 CHUCKWAGON/pizza pasta company
Maier, Melanie; 2009 Spur Bar
Maira, Andrew; 2010,11,12 Pizza Pasta Company
Majors, Ashley; 1996 CHUCKWAGON
Makarkina, Alena; 2007,08,09 CHUCKWAGON, pizza pasta company
Makhina, Maria; 2008 pizza pasta company
Maldonado, Hannah; 1998,99,2002 trading post
living in Jackson, Wyoming
Bank of Jackson Hole
Maldonado, Nikki; 1995,96,97 giftshop
Malczyk, Nicholas; 2001 CHUCKWAGON
Malinowski, Michal; 2007 PIZZA PASTA COMPANY
Malouf, Margaret; 2006 Spur Bar
Mancebo, Kurtis; 2015,16 Adventure Sports
Manolchev, Radoslav; 2013 Pizza Pasta Company
Mansfield, Jonathan; 1981 CHUCKWAGON; living in Portland, married with 2 sons
Maples, Jill; 1992 giftshop
Marchant, Sallie; 2011,12 pizza pasta company
Marchon, Julie; 2013,14 wine shop, trading post
Marcum, Christopher; 2008,12 pizza pasta company
Markert, Debra; 1995 pizza pasta company >
Marks, William; 2000 CHUCKWAGON
Marlatt, Jennifer; 2014 gift shop
Marlier, Nic; 2003 trading post
Martin, Jonathan; 2010 CHUCKWAGON
Martin, Kyle; 2008 CHUCKWAGON
Martin, Rachel; 2015 Gift Shop, Espresso
Maroney, Angela; 1995
Marsh, Kelly; 1997 giftshop
Marshall, Jeff; 2006 CHUCKWAGON
Marshall, John; 1991 CHUCKWAGON
Marshall, Lily; 1992 giftshop
Marchant, Sallie; 2011 PIZZA & PASTA COMPANY
Martin, Anne; 1990,91 giftshop
Martin, Cindy; 1999,2000 cabins
Martin, Gregory; 2005 trading post
Martin, Kyle; 2008 Chuckwagon
Martin, Ryun; 2006, 11 pizza pasta company
Martin, Seth; 2014 Trading Post
Martinac, Alex; 1995 wine shop >
Martinsen, Georgie; 1990
Marusic, Adam; 2004 pizza pasta company
Mason, Charles; 1991 CHUCKWAGON
Massey, Adrian; 1991 CHUCKWAGON
Matheny, Patrick; 1991,92,93,94 Spur Bar
*passed away 2007*
Mathieu, Zachary; 2006 trading post
Matson, Duane; 1994 CHUCKWAGON
Matter, Willow; 2004 pizza pasta company/giftshop
Mayer, Owen; 2007 CHUCKWAGON
Mayerle, Michael; 1992 trading post
Mays, Michael; 1999 fishing shop
McAbee, James Lawson; 2014 Trading Post
McAvity, Douglas; 2009,12,16 Trading Post, Pizza Pasta, Coffee Stand
McAvoy, John; 2008 Maintenance
McCabe, Jamie; 2001,02,03 pizza pasta company
in Bozeman, MT; married with a great daughter
McCafferty, Patricia; 2002 CHUCKWAGON
McCall, Gretta; 1995 Spur Bar
McCarthy, Forrest; 2000 maintenance
living in Teton Village, Wyoming
Guide, researcher
McClahannan, 'Mac'; 52,53,54,55,56 CHUCKWAGON
McClellan, C. Thomas; 2002,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11; Spur Bar,
Pizza Pasta Company
McClellan, Dan; 1973, Trading Post
McClellan, Donna; 11,12 CHUCKWAGON
McClelland, Jonathon; 1998 pizza pasta company
McComb, Amy; 2010 CHUCKWAGON
McConnell, Tim: 1981,83,04 trading post, wine shop, bakery
living in Laramie, WY GM Auto Center
McCormack, John J. Shawn; 1991 CHUCKWAGON
McCormack, Megan; 1991,92 Sput Bar
McCormick, Sean; 2008 pizza pasta company
McCoy, Casey; 1992,93,94 CHUCKWAGON
living in Hood River, Oregon
Golf Pro & Manager Hood River Golf Course
McCoy, Katherin; 1999 wine shop
McCrary, Nathan; 2013 CHUCKWAGON
McCue, Robert; 2004,05 pizza pasta company
McCullar, Jayson; 2008,09 Pizza Pasta Company
McCullough, George; 2004 maintenance
McCurdy, Henry; 1975,76,77,79,80,81,91,92 CHUCKWAGON/wine shop/maintenance
McDermott, Kathleen; 1981, Spur Bar
McDonald, Justin; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
McFetters, Thomas; 1994 pizza pasta company >
McGrory, Michelle; 2009 giftshop, coffee stand
McIlvain, Joshua; 1988,89 CHUCKWAGON
McKain, Wilson; 2011,12 Wine Shop/Pizza Pasta Company
McKee, Mike; 1999; adventure sports
McMillan, Jess; 2011,2012.14,15 Spur Bar
McPherson, Mitch; 2012 Trading Post
McReynolds; Brianna; 2013,14 Events
Meeks, Ken; 1997,98 CHUCKWAGON/sports
Meeks, Matthew; 2009,10 pizza pasta company, Chuckwagon
Mehew, Shalise; 1994,95 trading post
Mellon, Christina; 2002,03 giftshop/trading post
Melnyk, Leanne; 1991,93 wine shop
Melville, Erich; 2002 CHUCKWAGON
Mendicino, Danielle; 2012 Wine Shop
Mendoza, Roger; 2003 CHUCKWAGON
Mengareli, Robert; 1996 CHUCKWAGON
Merrell, Ben; 2000
Messaros, Elizabeth; 2004,06, 07 wine shop
Metcalf, Marjorie; 1994,95 cabins
Mercer, Drew; 1993 CHUCKWAGON, woodsplitter;
Merchut, Daniel; 1993 CHUCKWAGON
Merriott, Judith; 1988,89,90,91,92,93,94 pizza pasta company, giftshop, office
living in Australia
Mettler, Ellen; 1991,92 Fine Dining
*passed away 2007*
Meyer, Caroline; 2016 Pizza Pasta Company, Espresso, Wine Shop
Meyer, Joeseph; 2014,15 Pizza Pasta Company, Spur Bar
Meyers, Hayden; 2013 Adventure Sports
Michaud, Jennifer; 1992 trading post
Mikkleborg, Mathew; 2001 CHUCKWAGON
Mileham, Bailey; 2014 Pizza Pasta Company
Milic, Miljana; 2015 CHUCKWAGON
Miljanic, Zoran; 2008 trading post
Miller, Alison; 1999,2000 trading post
Miller, Bryan; 2010,11,12,13 Trading Post, Adventure Sports
Miller, Campbell; 2009 giftshop,coffee,chuckwagon
Miller, Constance; 1994
Miller, Daniel; 2013 pizza pasta company, trading post, CHUCKWAGON
Miller, Edward; 1999
Miller, Felicia; 1991
Miller, Lorna; 1995,96,97,98,99,2001,02,03,04,05,06 cabins
Miller, Zachary; 2007,08 TRADING POST
Milligan, Kelly; 1982 CHUCKWAGON
Mills, Ryan; 2011 CHUCKWAGON, Maintenance,
Miltonberger, Jon; 1991 CHUCKWAGON
Mineyeva, Darya, CHUCKWAGON
Missner, Lincoln; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Mitchell, Jill; 1999 wine shop
Mitchell, Laura; 1991 CHUCKWAGON >
living in North Carolina
Mitchell, Tyler; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Mitevski, Martin; 2015 CHUCKWAGON
Moen, Nick; 2000
Mojdisova, Ivana; 2003,04,05 CHUCKWAGON/pizza pasta company
married, living in Jackson
Moje, Kurt; 1991 CHUCKWAGON
Landscape Architect, living in Colorado
Mollinet, Scott; 2004 Spur Bar
Mongolo, Jennifer; 1999,2000 trading post
Monteverde, Sarah; 2006 pizza pasta company
Montgomery, Berkley; 1995 CHUCKWAGON
Moorcroft, Scott; 1995 CHUCKWAGON
Montid, Constantino; 1998 cabins
Moody, John; 2002 pizza pasta company
Moore, Douglas; 2004 pizza pasta company
Moore, Eric; 1999,2000,01 wine shop
Moore, Michael; 2001,02,03,04 Spur Bar
Moore, Susannah; 1997,98 CHUCKWAGON
Moralez Garcia, Andres; 2006 CHUCKWAGON
Mordashev, Petre; 2003,04,05 CHUCKWAGON, pizza pasta company
Morgan, Elise; 2015 Trading Post
Morgan, Stan; 2007 SPUR BAR
living in Jackson, Wyoming
Morillo'n, Alvaro; 1998 cabins
Morillo'n, Lidia; 1998 cabins
Morris, Andrea; 1997 pizza pasta company
Morris, Greg; 1992
Morris, William; 2000
Morton-Mack, Beverly; 1991 pizza pasta company
living in Jackson, Wyoming
White Light Productions
Moser, John; 2009,10 chuckwagon, pizza pasta company
Moser, Katie; 2008,09 pizza pasta company
Moser, Kelli; 2007 pizza pasta company
Mosiagina, Anna; 2007 trading post
Moss, Diana; 1993,94 cabins
Moteberg, Ellen; Office
Moteberg, Punky; Trading Post
Moulton, Brad; 1994 CHUCKWAGON
Moulton, T. Reed; 2014,15,16 pizza pasta company
Mowrey, Timothy; 2001,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16
wine/liquor, cabins, office, trading post; Operations Manager, Human Resources
living in Driggs, Idaho; married, with three sons
Mrsny, Johnny; 2010,11,12 pizza pasta company
Mrsny, Savanah; 2005,06 pizza pasta company
Muchow, Philip; 2003,04 pizza pasta company
Mueller, Sara; 2014,15,16 Gift Shop, Coffee, Events
Muhly, Dustin; 1999 CHUCKWAGON
Mull, Stephen; 2004 pizza pasta company
Murphy, Bridget; 2014,15,16 Gift Shop, Coffee
Murphy, Jennifer; 1991 trading post
Murphy, Timothy; 2002 pizza pasta company
Musclow, Mathew; 1997,98 CHUCKWAGON/pizza pasta company
Mutkovic Tomas; 2004,06 CHUCKWAGON, pizza pasta company
Naughton, Carrie; 1996,97,98 trading post
Navari, Nicolas; 1998; pizza pasta company
Naydor, Dimitry; 2005 pizza pasta company
Nebecker, Eugene; 1996,97 CHUCKWAGON
Neely, Brooks; 1997 CHUCKWAGON
Neff, William; 1990 CHUCKWAGON
Neil, Elizabeth; 1996
Nellis, Christopher; 1999,2000,04,05 CHUCKWAGON, pizza pasta company
Nellis, Jennifer; 1998,1999 pizza pasta company
Nelson, Jessie; 2005,06 CHUCKWAGON
Nelson, Kate; 2004,05 cabins, giftshop
Neufeld, Matthew; 2003 pizza pasta company
Newman, Brad; 2013 adventure sports
Nielson, Amy; 1995
Nemec, Stephanie; 2000,01 baker
Neve, William; 1997,98 CHUCKWAGON
Newsome, Trey; 2006 CHUCKWAGON
Nicklas, Nicole; 2014,15 Gift Shop, Coffee, Pizza Pasta
Nicolette, Phoebe; 1956 cabins, snackbar
living in Santa Rosa, CA >
Nielsen, Jennifer; 1989,91,92 trading post
Niemec, Maria; 2003 wine shop
Nish, Stacey; 1991
Nix, Stanley; 1987,93 Spur Bar
Noble, Lance; 2014 CHUCKWAGON
Norris, Clark; 2005,06 audit, CHUCKWAGON, trading post
North, Angela; 2003 pizza pasta company
North, Dylan; 2015 pizza pasta company
Northup, Leslie; 1998 fishing shop
Nortz, Jason; 1995
Norwood, Destiny; 2000 trading post
Nuernberger, Leslie; 1992
O'Bannon, Whitney; 2015,16 pizza pasta company
Oberuch, Helen; 2014 Spur Bar, Pizza Pasta Company
O'Brien, Corrine; 1993 cabins
O'Brien-Judd, Erin; 1991,2004 trading post, giftshop
living in Jackson, WY two children
O'Brien, Megan; 1991,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,2000,01,02 trading post
living in Alaska
editor Alaskan Kitchens magazine
O'Brien, Thayne; 2001,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15 audit
living in Moose, Wyoming
Grand Teton National Park
Ogg, Jessica; 2012,13,14,15,16 Pizza Pasta Company, Spur Bar
O'Hara-Jensen, Heather; 2003 trading post
living in southern Georgia
Ollberding, Jennifer; 2006,07,08 Spur Bar, pizza pasta company
Olsen, Angela; 1996
Olsen, Antoinette; 1996
Olsen, David; 2011 Trading Post
Olsen, Elizabeth; 2011 CHUCKWAGON
Olson, David; 1997,2002,03 CHUCKWAGON
Olson, Erik; 1998,99 CHUCKWAGON/pizza pasta company
Olson, Kristina; 1997,98,99,2000 wine/liquor
Olson, Melony; 2006 trading post
O'Mara, Erin; 1995 trading post
Oncul, Cansu; 2010 Trading Post
Orange-Powers, Honora; 1991,92 Spur Bar
Orr, Mark; 1990 CHUCKWAGON
Ortenberger, Theresa; 1991,92 trading post
Ortiz, Ciene; 2006,07,08,09,12,14,15 pizza pasta company, trading post, Wine Shop, Spur Bar
living in New York
Ostrowski, Philip; 1993 CHUCKWAGON
Osquist, Stephanie; 2006 pizza pasta company
Oswald, Melissa; 1998,99 trading post
Ownby, Dustin; 1995,96,97,98,99 Spur Bar
living in Oregon; married
Page, Trevor; 2004 CHUCKWAGON
Pankratova, Anna; 2006 CHUCKWAGON
Panos, AnnaMarie; 2005 trading post
Panseqicz-Hagen, Audrey; 1991,92 Spur Bar
Panzica, Suzanne; 2007 pizza pasta company
Parker, Amanda; 2012,13 Spur Bar
Parker, Chris; 2003 pizza pasta company
Parker, MaryBeth; 1992,93,94,95,96,97,98 wine shop
***passed away***
Parker, Sarah; 2006 pizza pasta company
Parsons, Lawrence; 2008 pizza pasta company
Patten, Lane; 2010 pizza pasta company
Patterson, John; 1991,92,93,94 CHUCKWAGON, Spur Bar, wine/liquor >
living in Washington
Patterson, Mark; 1997,98 CHUCKWAGON
Paul, Andrea; 1994,95 Spur Bar
living in Jackson, Wyoming
Paul, Heather; 1991,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99 trading post, pizza pasta company ***passed away***
Pausanos, Denise; 2007 PIZZA PASTA COMPANY
Pausanos, Immanuel; 2007 pizza pasta company/CHUCKWAGON
Pavlov, Gabriel; 2005 CHUCKWAGON
Pearson, Calisa; 1991,92,93,94,95 trading post
Pearson, Cory; 1992 CHUCKWAGON
Pearson, Statler; 2015 Pizza Pasta
Pejkov, Dejan; 2014 CHUCKWAGON
Pendleton, Andy; 2005 trading post
Penton, Desirae; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Perez-Espinoza, Irene; 2010,12,13,14 cabins
Perkins, Adam; 2009,10,11,12 pizza pasta company
Perkins, Marielle; 2016 Gift Shop
Perry, Jay; 2000 CHUCKWAGON
Perryman, Lonnie; 2007,08,09,10,11,12,13 maintenance
Peterson, Daniel; 2015,16 pizza Pasta company, CHUCKWAGON
Peterson, Jacob; 2016 Trading Post
Petersen, Jayne; 1994 CHUCKWAGON
Peterson, Heather; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Petkov, Bojidar; 2012 Trading Post
Petkovits, Austin; 2014,15,16 Pizza Pasta Company, Baker
Petryukov, Andrey; 2002 trading post
Pevez, Moises; 1998 cabins
Phillip, Charlies; 2012 Pizza Pasta Company, Trading Post
Phillips, Natalie; 1992
Philipson, Ben; 1997
Pickens, Doug; 2003 pizza pasta company
Pierce, Edna; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Pierce, Jennifer; 1992,93 trading post >
living in Boise, Idaho
Professor Department of Geosciences
Pignitella, Donald; 2004 cabins
Pikas, Ergo; 2008 CHUCKWAGON
Pikas, Tago; 2009 Chuckwagon
Pike, Sandra Raichel; 1978,79,80,81 Spur Bar >
living in Clayton, North Carolina
Pilgrim, Kristine; 1990,92 trading post
Pilzer, Sarah; 2003 pizza pasta company
Pintchuck, Eli; 2014 pizza pasta company
Pitell, Justin; 2003 trading post
Plancar, Stefan; 2003 CHUCKWAGON
Plunk, Erin; 2015 pizza pasta company
Plymale, Chris; 2011 Pizza & Pasta Company
Ponder, Chirstopher; 2000 CHUCKWAGON
Ponomarova, Olena; 2007 CHUCKWAGON, giftshop
Popinchalk, Owen; 2002,03,04,05,08 adventure sports
Popinchalk, Peter; 2002,03,04,05,06 adventure sports
Porter, Jeremy; 1998,99 trading post
Porter, Murray; 1996,99 CHUCKWAGON
Postolka, Clint; 1994 adventure sports
Potter, Trevor; 1992 CHUCKWAGON
Potts, Blake; 1999 cabins
Prangova, Desislava; 2011 Trading Post
Prasov, Oleksii; 2007 pizza pasta company
Pratt, Brian; 1990 CHUCKWAGON
Pratt, Philip; 1990 CHUCKWAGON
Prebynski, Bradford; 2010,11,12 Pizza Pasta Company
Presson, Lane; 2002,05 pizza pasta company, giftshop
Preston, Neil; 1997 CHUCKWAGON
Price, Christopher; 1999 pizza pasta company
Price, Cliff; 2009 pizza pasta company
Prodanova, Anzhela; 2014 gift shop, events, coffee
Prosser, Robert; 2016 trading post
Prothro, Randell 'Cy'; 1996,97 CHUCKWAGON
Prozorov, Anna; 2013,14 pizza pasta company
Pusey,Kevin;1993,94,95,96,97,98,99,2000,01,03,04,05,11,12,13,14,15 Spur Bar, pizza pasta company, bakery
catering chef and baker
Quayle, Megaera; 1995,96 trading post
Quintel, Drew; 2013 Pizza Pasta Company, CHUCKWAGON
Quirante, Chris; 1991,92 CHUCKWAGON
Quirante, Denise; 1990,91 CHUCKWAGON
Quirante, Penelope; 1992 CHUCKWAGON
Raichel, Sandy: 217 George Wilton Drive, Clayton, NC 27520
Radford, Nicole; 1998 wine shop
Radi, Kristina; 2002 pizza pasta company
Radulovic, Aleksandar; 2016 trading post
Rafajlovski, Krumislav; 2014,15 pizza pasta company
Raines, Stephanie; 1993 wine shop >
lives in Milledgeville, Georgia
associate curator at a small university museum
Ralph, Jennifer; 1995,96 trading post
living in Atlanta, GA
Ramos, Dana; 2005,06,07,08,09 pizza pasta company, trading post
Rambow, Justin; 1999 CHUCKWAGON
Rameriez, Adriane; 2004 CHUCKWAGON
Ramirez, Mayra; 2012 Adventure Sports
Rampton, Sloane; 2002 CHUCKWAGON
Ramsey, William 2004 pizza pasta company
Rand, Peter; 2001,02 pizza pasta company
Rashidov, Ilmir; 2005 CHUCKWAGON
Rassler, Don; 2001 CHUCKWAGON
Ratelle DOYLE, Martha; 1992,93,94 Spur Bar
Rathman, Austin; 2013 pizza pasta company
Ray, Brittany; 2009 trading post
Raymond, Bill
Raymond, Marge ***passed away***
Rea, Nadine; 2013 giftshop, coffee cart
Read, Kristen; 1990,98 giftshop, Spur Bar
living in Paradise Valley, Montana
Ready, David; 1990,91,92,93,94 CHUCKWAGON, pizza pasta company
Record, Emily; 1993 trading post
Record, Reese; 2009,11 trading post, CHUCKWAGON
Redd, Erin; 1997 trading post
Rehmer, Joe; 1995 CHUCKWAGON
Reichert, Brianna; 2006 pizza pasta company
Reid, Melody; 2010 Trading Post
Reilly, Danielle; 2008,2009 wine shop /spur bar
Rendek, Pavol; 2003 CHUCKWAGON
Repin,Stefan; 2010 CHUCKWAGON
Reynolds, Walter; 2001 CHUCKWAGON
Richard, William; 1991 CHUCKWAGON
Richmond, AnnaMary; 2011,12 Pizza & Pasta Company
Ricketson, Amanda; 2008 pizza pasta company
Ridenhour, Benjamin; 1995 cabins
Ringo, Philip; 1997 CHUCKWAGON
Roberds, EllenDame; 1992 trading post
Roberts, Amelia; 2011 Pizza & Pasta Company
Roberts, Anna; 1995 trading post
Roberts, Greg; 1997 CHUCKWAGON
Robinson, Heather; 1976,77,78,79,80,84,85,86,87,88,89,90,91,92,
93 bar/wine shop
living in Jackson, Wyoming
Robinson, Steve; 1991 maintenance
fisherman; Island Park in the summers
Robinson, Tara; 2002 gift >
living in Ridgway, Colorado
Roche-Barker, Elanore; 1990 bar
living in Bozeman, Montana
Roell, Bradley; 1995 CHUCKWAGON
Rogers, Heather; 1990 spur bar
Rogers, Jared; 1995,96,97 adventure sports
Rogers, Renee; 1992
Roman, Randy; 2015 trading post
Romanshek, Stephen; 2009,10,11,12,13 trading post, janitor, gift shop, coffee stand,events, wine shop
Romeo, Stephen; 1998 fishing shop
Passed Away
Romo, Nicole; 1996 trading post
Rondon, Brian; 2016 CHUCKWAGON
Roose, Spencer; 2013 pizza pasta company
Rose, David; 2001 trading post
Rosefield, Scott; 2005,06 pizza pasta company, bakery
Rosenwald, Marianne; 1993 pizza pasta company
Ross, Mimi Blank; 1981-86 trading post, sandwich shop, bar,
Ross, Patti; 1982 CHUCKWAGON
Ross, Tom; 1980,81,83,86 chuckwagon, maintenance
Rouleva, Lioubov; 2000 wine shop
Rose, Nicholas; 2009 Maintenance
Rowe, Nick; 2009 Maintenance, pizza pasta company
Rubrecht, Kelly; 1971 CHUCKWAGON
Rubrecht, Shelly; 1974 CHUCKWAGON
Ruchotzke, Terry; 1991 spur bar
Rucker, Tracey; 1999 trading post
Rudenko, Valeriya; 2015 trading post
Rumpf, Kimberly; 2005 pizza pasta company
Rumsey, Megan; 1997,2001 CHUCKWAGON
Rushing, Donna; 1997 spur bar
Russell, Alton; 1990,91,92,93,94,95,96,97 pizza pasta company
Russell, Clarke; 1990
Rutherford, Sonya; 1998,99 cabins
Rutter, Meredith; 2005 cabins
married; living in Texas
Ryan, Rachel; 2009 pizza pasta company
Sachs, James; 2000 pizza pasta company
Sacu, Aytac; 2013 pizza pasta company
Sagiev, Aleksandra; 2014 trading post, CHUCKWAGON
died hiking in Tetons 2014
Saifulina, Dina; 2014,15,16 CHUCKWAGON, trading post, Cabins
Salibury, Dylan; 2016 pizza pasta company
Sallee, Samuel; 1987,88,89 CHUCKWAGON
two wonderful daughters
Saltonstall, Robert; 2006
Samarin, Sergey; 2007 CHUCKWAGON
Sapronov, Roman; 2007 trading post
Sanchez, Adelia; 1998 cabins
Sanchez, Jasim; 2009 cabins
Sanders, Lindsey; 2011 pizza pasta company
Sandu, Rhonda; 1996 trading post
Sang, Alexis; 1997 CHUCKWAGON
Sannino, Daniel; 2009 Pizza Pasta Company
Sapronov, Roman; 2007 Trading Post
Sasser, Clairey; 1998,99 trading post/pizza pasta company
Saucier, Kristen; 2004 CHUCKWAGON
Savage, Ann E; 2010 Pizza Pasta Company
Saville, Brad; 2002 trading post
Sawa, Joanna; 2004 giftshop
Scarlett, Shannon; 1999 spur bar
Scharman, Ally; 2003,04 CHUCKWAGON, pizza pasta company
Schere, Peter; 2001 pizza pasta company
Shevchendo, Kristina; 2006 CHUCKWAGON
Schinker, Maggie; 1999 trading post
Schicker, Issac; 2008 maintenance
Schleicher, Jordan; 2010,11,12,13,14 Adventure Sports, Pizza Pasta Company, Spur Bar
Schleicher, Nick; 2011 Trading Post
Schlotterback, Rebecca; 1989,91,93 trading post
living in Bellingham, Washington
Schmicker, Gena; 1996 bar, coffeecard
Schmidt, Amie; 2008 pizza pasta company
Schmoll, Laura Megan; 2011 spur bar
Schneckloth, Mark; 1996,97
Schneider, Justin; 2006 wine shop
Schneider, Michael; 1991 CHUCKWAGON
Schneider, Michael; 2006 pizza pasta company
Schnipper, Deborah; 1993
Schofield, Kristen; 2000
Scholten, John; 1991,92,93,94,99,2000,03 pizza pasta company
living in the San Francisco and wine area
Scott, Ana "Rainey"; 2009 Chuckwagon, coffee, giftshop
Schreiber, Richard; 2009 Maintenance
Schrey, Colleen; 2011 Pizza & Pasta Company
Schrey, Nora; 2011 CHUCKWAGON
Schultz, George; 2011,12 CHUCKWAGON
Schultz, Lisa; 2002 trading post
married; living in Salt Lake City
Social Work
Schumacher, Emily; 2015 pizza pasta
Schumacher-Fifles, Lesa; 1991,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99 spur bar
living in Jackson, Wyoming
school teacher in Jackson
Schwab, Clark Jesse; 2008 Pizza Pasta Company
Schwarz, Joshua; 1991 CHUCKWAGON
Schweickert, Donna; 2001 trading post
Schwertfeger, Andrew; 2004 spur bar
Schwind-Patno, Mary; 1990,91,92,93 spur bar
Scougale, Dallas; 2015 pizza pasta
Scott, Anna; 2016 CHUCKWAGON
Scoville, Aaron; 1995 CHUCKWAGON
Seaton, Laura Donnelly; 1939 trading post,spur bar, cabins
Seay, Patrick; 1995 pizza pasta company
Seibel, Otto; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Seipp, Jeff; 1996
Sekelsky-Hinnenkamp, Amy; 2008,09,10,15 spur bar
Selbie, David; 2002 trading post
Seldin, Jordan; 2002 CHUCKWAGON
Seldin, Taylor; 2002 CHUCKWAGON
Semeniuk, Oleksandr; 2008 trading post
Serpente, Joseph; 1999 CHUCKWAGON
Seward, Jeffrey; 1997
Shappart, Brian; 1995
Sharp, Melissa; 2005 wineshop
Shaw, Amanda; 2013,14 pizza pasta company. trading post, audit
Shea, Alex; 1992
Shehan, Jane; 1988,89,90 pizza pasta company
Sheldon, Marjorie; 1994 giftshop
Shelley, Courtnie; 2003 trading post
Shellnut, Ashley; 2012,13 CHUCKWAGON, pizza pasta
Sherman, Jane; 1991,92 spur bar
Chippy's Kitchen & Catering
Shevchendo, Kristina; 2006 CHUCKWAGON
Shillander, Joel; 1994
Shippen, Donna; 1998,99,2000 cabins
Shippen, Gerald; 1999,2000 cabins
Shirley, Leah; 2009 pizza pasta company
Shlachter, Leah, 2005 spur bar
Shue, Harvey; 2009 Pizza Pasta Company
Schlossman, Tom; 2001 trading post
Short, Janet; 1990 bakery
Shriver, Matthew; 1997,98,99 adventure sports
Shriver, Zachary; 1995,96,97,98,99,2004 adventure sports
pro mountain bike racer
Shull, Tony; 1995
Siek, Emily; 1997 trading post
Sieling, Rick; 1987,88,89,91,92 maintenance
Siemboski, Aaron; 1996
Sikorski, Raymond; 2008 pizza pasta company
Sills, Erick; 2008 spur bar
Simeonava, Mariya; 2012 Trading Post
Sims, Chris; 2012 CHUCKWAGON
Simonek, Michael; 2004 CHUCKWAGON
Simonton, Reed; 1997 trading post
Simpson, Peter; 1988 CHUCKWAGON
Simpson, Stephanie; 1991
Sinarski, Jeremiah; 1997 CHUCKWAGON
Slavov, Danail; 2004,05 pizza pasta company
Slayton, Christopher; 1997
Slivcakova, Romana; 2016 Trading Post
Smallwood, Claire; 2005 pizza pasta company
Smith, Alyson; 2011 Trading Post
Smith, Bradford; 1995 fishing shop
Smith, Bryant; 2003 wineshop
Smith, Buzzie; 2001,02,03,04 giftshop
Smith, Connor; 1992 CHUCKWAGON
Smith, Erin; 1992 CHUCKWAGON
Smith, Hannah; 2015 trading post
Smith, Harris; 2013 Adventure Sports
Smith, Hillary; 2003,04 spur bar
Smith, Jennifer; 1998 trading post
Smith, Joy; 1993 giftshop
Smith-Laxson, Michelle; 1998,99 trading post
living in Missoula, MT
Smith, Miriam; 1994,95 pizza pasta company
living in Jackson, Wyoming
performing string player
Smith, Ora-Louisa (SCHLINGER); 1987 trading post
Smith, Rachel; 2006 giftshop
Smith, Spenser: 1976,77,78 chuckwagon
Smith, Stacey; 2003,04 giftshop
Smith, Stuart; 1995,98 CHUCKWAGON
Smith, Whitney; 2013 trading post, wine shop, Spur Bar
Smithson, Jay; 1992 CHUCKWAGON
Smout, Jessa; 1999 CHUCKWAGON
Snavely, Wayne; 2002,03 spur bar
Snider, Willie; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Sober, Brantley; 1995,96 CHUCKWAGON
living in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma >
Socha, Monika; 2015 CHUCKWAGON
Solle, Cara; 2001 trading post
Solmonson, Quentin; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Sonnenberg, Juliet; 1997 wine shop
Sontay, Adolfo; 1998 cabins
Sorensen, Austin; 2012 CHUCKWAGON
Sosa, Jorge; 2003 CHUCKWAGON
Sosebee, Aaron; 1999 CHUCKWAGON
Spafford, Jared; 2007 PIZZA PASTA COMPANY
Speaker-Vaughn, Delicia; 2004,05 pizza pasta company
Speca, Timothy; 2007 pizza pasta company
Spomer, Katherine; 1990,91,92 trading post
Spomer, Leslie; 1990,91,92,93,94,95 giftshop
***passed away***
Sportsman, Dennis; 1990 maintenance
Sprouse, Cody; 2013 CHUCKWAGON
Spruill, Hannah; 2015 trading post
Spruill, Jasmine; 2014 CHUCKWAGON
Spurr, David; 1990 CHUCKWAGON
Stacey, Amanda; 2008,09 chuckwagon
Stacey, Ben; 2005 pizza pasta company
Stagg, Geoffrey; 1995 CHUCKWAGON
St.Amour, Craig; 1994 CHUCKWAGON
Stanphill, Luke; 2004,05 trading post
Stasek, Christohper; 2005 pizza pasta company
Stasek, Jennifer; 2004,05 pizza pasta company
Stasewich, Katie; 2013,15,16 wine shop, Trading Post
Staszak, Zachary; 1995
Steele SMITH, Julie; 1982 bar >
Steele WOREK, Terri; 1983 cabins >
living in Rochester, NY
Steers, Trista; 2003 CHUCKWAGON
Stegall-Williams, Stephanie; 1993,94 bar
Stein, Melanie; 2007 SPUR BAR
Steinbauer, John; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Stenger, Steve; 1988 wineshop
Stephens, Braden; 2009,10,12 CHUCKWAGON, Pizza Pasta Company
Stephens, John; 2013,15 pizza pasta company, CHUCKWAGON
Stephenson, Scott; 2001,02 bakery
Steven, Curry; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Stewart, Anne; 2007 WINESHOP
Stewart, Spencer; 1997 CHUCKWAGON
Stillman, Paul; CHUCKWAGON
St. Maurice, Andrew; 2008 chuckwagon
Stokes, Lacey; 2000
Stone, Abigail; 2014 pizza pasta company
Stone, David; 1994 CHUCKWAGON
Stone, John; 2001 CHUCKWAGON
Stone, Jonathan; 1997
Stone, Peter; 2006 adventure sports
Stone, Zeth; 2014 CHUCKWAGON
Stoner, Traci; 1993,94 trading post
Strandwitz, Jamie; 2016 CHUCKWAGON, pizza pasta company
Strange, Lindsey; 2004 trading post
Stratton, Shelby; 1990,91,92 CHUCKWAGON, trading post
married, living in Washington, DC
Streat, Thomas; 2006 CHUCKWAGON
Strickland, Glenn; 1998,99 pizza pasta company
Strong, Chris; 2004 pizza pasta company
Strum, Daniel; 2014 pizza pasta company
Stumpner, Jennifer; 2015,16 wine shop
Sturges, Sarah; 2002 bakery
Sturlin, MaryAnn; 1991,92,93,94 office
Summers, Sarah; 1998,99 trading post
living in Jackson, Wyoming
Sump, Elizabeth; 2003,04 trading post
Suprun, Alina; 2007, 08, 09 CHUCKWAGON
Surrell-Mazarani, Celine; 2014 wine shop
Swartz, Mano; 1998 trading post
Swartz, Sally; 1973 CHUCKWAGON, trading post
Swartz, Shuka; 1991 CHUCKWAGON
Swensen, Cindy; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Swindlehurst, Elizabeth; 1994 trading post
Swoboda-Colbers, Skye; 2009,10,11,12,16 Adventure Sports
Szabo, Pal; 2002 CHUCKWAGON
Tamm, Whitney; 2016 pizza pasta company
Tannahill, Samual; 1995 wine shop
living in Oregon; married with children
Tannahill Winery, Rexhill Winery
Tafoya, Jason; 1996 CHUCKWAGON
Talpas, Pavol; 2003,04 trading post
Tarabrina, Mariya; 2008 trading post
Tarran, Brad; 1993,94,95,96,97,98,2002 pizza pasta company, CHUCKWAGON
Tarran, Brooke; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Tartt, Anne; 1990
Tatl, Meltem; 2010 Trading Post
Tattersall, Christain; 2003,04 CHUCKWAGON, pizza pasta company
Taylor, Lauren; 2007 WINESHOP
Taylor, Matthew; 1998 fishing shop
Tayse, Steve; 1996 fishing shop
Telander, Jennifer; 1995 trading post
Tellez, Anna; 2000,01,03 CHUCKWAGON, spur bar
Temchine, Benjamin; 2000 pizza pasta
Temple, April; 1992,93 pizza pasta
Tendafilova, Milena; 2003 giftshop
Tenebaum, Serena; 2016 trading post
Thigpen, Devin; 2012 CHUCKWAGON
Thomas, John; 2007 CHUCKWAGON
Thomas, Ned; 1963 CHUCKWAGON
Thompson, James; 1992 fishing shop
Thompson, Martha; 1996,97 pizza pasta company/trading post
Thompson, Pamela; 1992
Thomsen, Mark; 2000 trading post
Thorstad, Ryan; 2011 Wine Shop
Throop LAVINS, Eve; 1986,90,91,92 giftshop/trading post
living in Kelly, Wyoming
Thurman, Carey; 1999 giftshop
Tibbetts, Amy; 1999 adventure sports
Tillotson, Jennifer; 2004,05,06,07,08 spur bar
Tobin, Nell; 1997 trading post
Todd, Anthony; 1997 adventure sports
Todorovska, Sanja; 2012 CHUCKWAGON
Toman, Rudelle; 1993,94 spur bar
Tombleson, Derek; 2004,05 pizza pasta company
Toombs, Walter; 1995
Torrence, Alex; 2007, 08 ADVENTURE SPORTS
Nurse, living in Casper
Torrence, Fred; 1995,96,97,98,99,2000,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 adventure sports
Toso, Justin; 1991,92 CHUCKWAGON
Touchard, Todd; 1991
Townsend, Telly; 2001 trading post
Toy, Robert; 1963, 1970 CHUCKWAGON, Trading Posat
Trabue, Erin; 1997 CHUCKWAGON
Trajchev, Boris; 2012 CHUCKWAGON
Treadup, Nicole; 1998 wine shop
Manager of Moosley Mountaineering
Trenalone, Gina; 1998,99 CHUCKWAGON
Trendafilova, Milena; 2003 giftshop
Trombley, Joshua; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Trumbower, Thomas; 1992 CHUCKWAGON
Tsoneva, Pavlina; 2003 CHUCKWAGON
Tucker, Kenneth; 1997
Tuel, Chris; 2007,08,09,10 WINESHOP
living in Virginia
Tufts, William; 1992
Tulman, Jennifer; 2004 trading post
Turner, Doris; 2000 pizza pasta company
Turner, Kalan; 2003
Tzompa, Alberta; 1998 cabins
Tzompa, Jose; 1999 cabins
Tzompa, Martin; 1999 cabins
Tzompa, Miguel; 1998,99 cabins
Tzompa, Nayely; 1998 cabins
Underwood, Laura; 1999 spur bar
Underwood, Summer; 2008 giftshop
Upton, Amanda; 2008 adventure sports
Urbankova, Gabriela; 2005 CHUCKWAGON
Utterback, Franklin; 1994 CHUCKWAGON
Vadnais, Cody; 2015 CHUCKWAGON
Vance, Julie; 1997 pizza pasta company
Vanderbroek, Leonard; 1996
Vanderbroeke, Mark; 2003,04 pizza pasta company
Vanderbroeke, Shawn; 2010 pizza pasta company
Vanderjack, Shawn; 2010,11,12,13,14 Pizza Pasta Company
VandeWalle, Luke; 2001 fishing shop
VanDewerker, Brian; 2005,06 CHUCKWAGON
Vansolkema, Cassidy; 2015 trading post
VanStaveren, Sander; 2002 pizza pasta company
VanTittso, Martha; 1989 spur bar
Vasyliev, Artem; 2007 PIZZA PASTA COMPANY
Vaughn, Matthew; 2004,05,10,15 pizza pasta company
Vazquez, Andriana; 2000,01 CHUCKWAGON
Vernon, Michael; 2009 CHUCKWAGON
Vezina, Corey; 2005 CHUCKWAGON
Vicol, Irina; 2010 GIft Shop
Villasenor, Eric; 2015 pizza pasta
Vogel, Andrew; 1994
Vuckovic, Lazar; 2014 Trading Post
Vyazalova, Lilia; 2009 trading post
Wagner, Dean; 2002 wine shop
Wagner-Mowrey, Carrie; 2002,03 office
three sons, living in Idaho
Waisanen, Lauri; 2008 Chuckwagon
Walden, Boughton; 2010, 2011 Pizza Pasta Company
Waldoch, Clare; 2014 pizza pasta company
Walker, William Clint; 2008 CHUCKWAGON
Wall, Anthony; 2011 Wine Shop
Wall, DuPree; 2010 Pizza Pasta Company
Wallace, Kay; 2001 wine shop
Wallace, Luke; 2013,14 CHUCKWAGON, maintenance, pizza pasta comp
Wallace, Matt; 2009,10 wine shop, pizza pasta company
Wallace, Stuart; 2006 trading post
Walsh, Jenny; 2007 CHUCKWAGON
Walton, Charles 'Atty'; 1998,99 CHUCKWAGON
Walton, Katie; 1998 trading post
Wang, Zachary; 2012 Trading Post
Ward, Brandon; 1998 CHUCKWAGON
Ward, Ian; 2003,04 pizza pasta company
Ward, John; 1997 CHUCKWAGON
Washburn, Brittany; 2004 giftshop
Washburn, Clinton; 2004 trading post
Wasserbach, Carly; 2007 PIZZA PASTA COMPANY
Wasserbach, Sandra; 2007 CHUCKWAGON
Waters, Robert; 1999 fishing shop
Married Ann Wells
Watts, Benjamine; 2005 pizza pasta company
Weber, Anastasia; 2015 pizza pasta company
Weber, Jazmyne; 2014 pizza pasta company
Weibell, Joseph; 2014,15,16 Adventure Sports, Spur Bar, CHUCKWAGON, pizza pasta company
Weibell, Landon; 2016 Adventure Sports
Weigle, Jesse; 2003,04,05 CHUCKWAGON/pizza pasta company
living and working in Talkeetna, Alaska
Weigle, Mallory; 2004 CHUCKWAGON/pizza pasta company
teaching in Baltimore
Weiner, John; 2009,10 Pizza Pasta Company
Weisbrod, Noreen; 1985 CHUCKWAGON
Welch, Winston; 1993,94 CHUCKWAGON
Welling, Cassandra; 2002 trading post
Wells, WATERS, Ann; 2000 giftshop
Wells, Ashley; 2004 pizza pasta company
Wells, Jake; 2000
Wells, Justin; 1999 CHUCKWAGON
Welter, SHIELDS, Linda; 88,89 CHUCKWAGON
living in Las Vegas, Nevada
Welton, Lee; 2002,03,04 trading post
Weseman, Aaron; 1991,92,93,94,95,96,97 CHUCKWAGON/wine shop
Weseman, Dana; 1994,2000 CHUCKWAGON/wine shop
West, J. Benji; 2012 Adventure Sports
Westbrook, J.P.; 1997 cabins
Westendorf, Laurel; 2014 Spur Bar
Westhafer, Lia; pizza pasta company, CHUCKWAGON
Wheeler, Jeremy; 1999 trading post
Whirty, Ehren; 2002,03 pizza pasta company
Whitby, Wendy; 2002 wine shop
Whitby, Josephine; 2002 giftshop
Whitcomb, Christina; 2002 CHUCKWAGON
White, Brandon; 2010 Trading Post
White, John; 1994 CHUCKWAGON
White, Johnathon' 2003 trading post
White, Jonathan; 2016 CHUCKWAGON
White, Kara; 1997 giftshop
White, Kristin; 1997 trading post
White, Laura; 1996 trading post
White, Thomas; 1991 CHUCKWAGON
Whorton, Tyler; 2000
Wilbur, Kendall; 1990 trading post
Wilcox, Christina; 1999,2000 pizza pasta company
Wiles, Scot; 2006,07 pizza pasta company/adventure sports
Wilkins, Daisy; 1996,97 pizza pasta company
Williams, Anna; 1995 trading post
Williams, Greg; 1997 CHUCKWAGON
Williamson, Andrea; 1999 pizza pasta company
Wilson, Anthony; 2000 CHUCKWAGON
Wilson, Dawson; 2003 trading post
Wilson, Frank; 2012,13 CHUCKWAGON, maintenance
Wilson, Greg; 2012,13 Pizza Pasta Company
Wilson, Mary; 2012 Trading Post
Winslow, Whit; 2008 adventure sports
Wirtzberger, Codi; 1997 trading post
Wise, William; 2004,05 maintenance
Witt, Daniel; 2006 trading post
Witt, Deborah; 2000 trading post
Witte, Jannine; 2002
Wolfe, Barbara; 2009 Wine Shop
Wong, Jason; 2003 pizza pasta company
Wood, Garin; 2014 trading post
Wood, Ryan; 2005 trading post
Woodward, Amy; 2002 wine shop
Woodward, Annabelle; 2000,01 pizza pasta company
Woodward, Eric; 2002
Woodard, Thomas; 2004,05,06 CHUCKWAGON/pizza pasta company
Woodruff, Janet; 2007 ADVENTURE SPORTS
Worsh, Lauren; 1994
Worthing, Stephanie; 2001
Wray, Brad; 2003 adventure sports
Wright, Kevin; 2016 Wine Shop
Wright, Kyle; 1999 CHUCKWAGON
Wrightson, Selena; 2015,16 gift shop, espresso, CHUCKWAGON
Yalcinsoy, Sadun; 2013 CHUCKWAGON
Yaskot, Gregory; 1982,83,84,85,86,89,90 wine shop
Yaurney, Sharon; 2003 giftshop
living in Salt Lake City, Utah
Automotive Remarketing, Inc.
Yockey, Marcus; 2016 CHUCKWAGON
Yotova, Iva; 2003 CHUCKWAGON
Young, David; 1992 CHUCKWAGON; married with 3 children
Young, Elizabeth; 1995 trading post
Young, Jesse; 2004 trading post
Young, Kim; 1991,92 CHUCKWAGON/giftshop
Young, Sara; 1990 trading post
Younger, Gregory; 1993
Zabek, Laura; 2013 Trading Post
Zahariev, Sotir; 2012 CHUCKWAGON
Zatorski, Kosma; 2007 PIZZA PASTA COMPANY
Zayakova, Zoya; 2011,12,13,14,15,16 CHUCKWAGON, pizza pasta company
Zeer, Michael; 2000,01 CHUCKWAGON
Zemp, Katherine; 1991,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,2000,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16
CHUCKWAGON/office/spur bar
Zhanova, Ekaterina; 2011 Trading Post
Zheltobryuh, Oleksandre; 2007 PIZZA PASTA COMPANY
Zhuravlev, Alexey; 2008 CHUCKWAGON
Zimmer TISCHNER, Leisa; 1990,91 trading post
Zimmy, Heather; 2002
Zombeck, Tanya; 2010,11 Chuckwagon, GIft Shop Coffee Cart
Zubova, Svetlana; 2011 Trading Post
Zwerin, Laura; 1994 giftshop


The Dornans Employees List


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